Michael Czymbor has been manager of the City of Hardeeville since 2015. Czymbor has more than 30 years of experience in local government.


Michael Czymbor1. What are Hardeeville’s biggest issues?

Our biggest issue is growth and development. Over the last six to seven years, this has been one of the fastestgrowing cities in South Carolina. With 56 square miles and 15 different planned development district agreements, it’s a lot of activity.

2. What’s your favorite spot in Hardeeville to unwind?

Our new rec center is going to be, as I start getting back into a regular exercise regimen. It’s a $9.6 million, 40,000- square-foot facility with an astronomical workout facility, walking track, meeting rooms, and a college-sized gym. That’s going to be my go-to for getting my body and mind well.

3. You’re the pitcher for the City of Hardeeville softball team. How’s your fastball?

It’s all slow pitch. And it’s getting harder because they keep moving the mound back. It started at 45 feet, then 50, now 55 feet… it’s a challenge, but I love it.

4. What project do you see being your legacy project when your time is over here?

Exit 3 (off I-95). They city’s been working on it for 12 years. It’s an integral part of the River Port. There’s 6,000 acres of development and right in the middle is exit three. Our legacy is hopefully completing that project, which hopefully will be a $60-million project. On the list of other things, that would be something I’d be most proud of.