CITY GUIDE: Q&A with Hilton Head's Town Manager Marc Orlando

Marc Orlando has served as manager of the Town of Hilton Head since February. Orlando, who previously served as Bluffton’s town manager, oversees about 250 employees.  

What’s it like transitioning from Town Manager of Bluffton to Town Manager of Hilton Head?

The job is exactly the same and completely different. I started here in 1997 as an intern, so for a few moments it felt very surreal. It was very much a homecoming for me.

What’s one issue you’re looking to tackle right away?

Creating an ordinance for short-term rentals. We’ve lost neighborhoods through short-term rentals. I have nothing against them, but we need to have some rules and regulations in place.

As a Canadian, how do you feel about Savannah getting an ECHL team?

I met with some folks recently who have some parts of the marketing and recruitment of that, so I’m very excited for that. I grew up playing hockey. I played goalie.

Did outgoing Town Manager Steve Riley give you much guidance when you were coming on board?

My relationship with Steve has evolved over the years. When I was an intern, he was the boss. As planning director and then town manager in Bluffton, he became a mentor. He told me that this is a great staff, and I should trust them to do their job.