Faith, Hope, Love


Bob Krech wasn’t about to keep his revelation a secret. The Hilton Head resident knew he needed to share his experience. He needed to write about it. 

“The only thing I can compare it to was, if you found a cure for cancer, you wouldn’t just sit on it and not tell anyone,” he said. “Here I felt like I had experienced a true miracle through prayer, and I wanted to share that experience in hopes that others in similar difficult circumstances might benefit. I wanted to let people know how God is active in our lives in very real ways.” 

In “A Little Faith: A Father’s Miracle Story of Faith, Hope, Love, and a Micro Preemie,” Krech’s book recounts the story of how he and his wife’s baby girl survived after being born at 23 weeks, weighing 450 grams. 

The book — “a straightforward and simply told story of a preemie’s first heartrending minutes, tenuous hours, and rollercoaster days,” — details how his child beats the odds. 

Krech and his wife, Karen, root for her and celebrate her perseverance as she battles infections and attempts to breathe on her own. 

They named her Faith. 

Krech is a former elementary school teacher, supervisor, and curriculum developer who has written more than 30 books for teachers and parents. 

In an e-mail interview, he recalls a neonatologist worrying about Faith’s condition. There was concern the child could be lost to heart failure. 

Krech was feeling “more despondent than ever.” His daughter was fighting to survive. That night he had a dream. 

“I never had one like it before or since,” Krech said. 

Krech dreamed he was in the neonatal intensive care unit next to Faith. He thought he was alone, but then he saw a nurse. He was overcome with a feeling of warmth and serenity. As he approached the nurse, she looked at him and said, “Faith’s going to be all right.” 

He felt “a flood of warmth and relief” and thanked the nurse. When he awoke, still feeling the warmth and contentment, he believed her. 

A theme throughout “A Little Faith” is accepting God’s will and a reminder that God is still at work. Krech said he hopes people will be encouraged to turn to God and prayer during all times. Krech and his wife attend Hilton Head Island Community Church. 

The book, published via Belief Books, is a “chronicle of faith sparked on the flint of crisis.” 

“No matter what is happening, God is there, even in the midst of something like this terrible virus,” Krech said. “On a day-to-day basis I hope people will turn to God in prayer with their joys and sorrows, in thanks and in supplication. In the Bible, he calls us to do this. We can find great comfort in it; reassurance, perspective, and sometimes even miracles.”