Storytelling for Kids

There are many podcasts and websites that offer audio stories that are entertaining and informative. Here are some kid-friendly online resources for (free) stories and top podcasts. 


STORYNORY: The site offers a collection of free stories, from originals to fairy tales to classic authors. There are educational and Bible stories and poems. Kids can listen to Alice in Wonderland or hear stories about Greek mythology. Founded in 2005, StoryNory has been featured in the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal. 

INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN’S LIBRARY: The site’s mission is to offer free books from around the world. Books are categorized by country, age groups, characters and other options. 

STORYONLINE:An award-winning website, it features well-known actors reading children’s books. Readers have included Oprah Winfrey, Kristen Bell, Kevin Costner, Viola Davis, and Betty White. Each book includes supplemental curriculum developed by a credentialed elementary educator, according to the website. Winner of the 2016 Parents’ Choice Award. 

MRS. P’S MAGIC LIBRARY: Classic children’s stories are read by actress Kathy Kinney (Mrs. P). From Snow White to The Ugly Duckling, the site offers a variety of streaming stories. The site also offers activity guides and online learning options. 

THE PAST AND THE CURIOUS: History is at the heart of these episodes, which are published monthly with an emphasis on those who might have been underrepresented in the history books. From tales about Jackie Mitchell, a woman who is believed to have struck out famed baseball stars Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, to Beaufort-born Robert Smalls, who escaped from slavery and served in the S.C. House and Senate and U.S. House of Representatives, the enlightening programs are about 30 minutes long and include original music. 

BUT WHY: A PODCAST FOR KIDS: The NPR show is all about the curiosity of kids. Kids submit questions, and the show’s host, Jane Lindholm, finds the answers. Want to know why baby teeth fall out or whether llamas are ticklish? Tune in. 

CHOMPERS: Getting kids to brush their teeth can be a challenge, but this podcast makes it fun. To make the daily ritual a little more exciting, kids will hear jokes, stories, fun facts and silly songs. The episodes are each about two minutes long — just the right amount of time for a dentist-recommend brushing session. 

BRAINS ON!: A show for kids and families with more than 100 episodes, Brains on! answers questions about the world. Host Molly Bloom has a child as a guest each week and explores a variety of subjects, including the coronavirus, lost ancient cities and how elevators work.