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We Asked, You Answered

Where are you traveling this summer? 

We are going on our annual Colorado trip, but driving instead of flying for more flexibility.
– Heather Malia Rath

Headed to Utah to see our son, but figured, why not add a few days in Colorado? We leave in a few weeks.
– Nancy Raymond

My husband and I have our tickets to fly to Switzerland. Obviously, this all depends on how the COVID-19 numbers look. We both have Swiss passports, so we can enter the country. 
– Jocelyn C. Beyeler 

I’m going to Napa.
– Lauren Cantor 

I will be traveling to Bangladesh (fingers crossed) at the end of August. I will be there for two years for a teaching position.
– Denise DiBiasi Bowers 

In August I’m flying to Dallas to a weeklong photography school I go to every year.
– Jen Klipper 

We’re headed to Paris the second weekend in July for an overnight or two. I’m going to scratch the Eiffel Tower off my bucket list.
– Tessa Lind 

We’re a little nervous, but my daughter and I will be flying to New York City. We will meet up with my other daughter to pick out her wedding dress.
– Resa Barbalich

Planning on a trip to western Ireland in late August, if Delta is flying by then.
– Eileen Hutton 

I am traveling to Turks and Caicos in September. My daughter is getting married on the beach.
– Donna Farrell 

Biltmore in Asheville, N.C. is open, beautiful and the right distance away for a drive vacation.
– Lee Ann Donnelly

Going to Kenya. I am going to teach and learn African dances.
– Karla Yesika 

We will travel to Florida to visit my father-in-law.
– Connie Kitzmiller 

I am flying to Pennsylvania at the end of August to visit my 93-year-old mother.
– Jetta Burkey Gardner 

I’m going to the Dominican Republic in mid-July. 
– Danielle Norman Griggs 

We are camping on Lake Jocassee for a week with my brother and his family. 
– Erin Finley Thomas

We are taking our RV to Crystal River, Fla. The springs there are 72 degrees all year. It’s very refreshing.
Ron Smitherson

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