A Gift of Learning



Anew scholarship fund at the University of South Carolina Beaufort honors a Lowcountry young man who loved the university and provides opportunities for other students.

The full-tuition scholarships are in memory of Nicholas D. Lucchesi, who was a junior studying hospitality management at USCB when he passed away in October 2018. 

Students in any class year and pursuing any major are eligible, but recipients must maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA. The scholarship fund was endowed by “a couple who are dear friends of the Lucchesi family” and will continue in perpetuity, according to Joe and Dana Lucchesi, Nick’s parents.

Learning2Special consideration may be given to students with financial needs or to students with documented learning disabilities or challenges; however, any student who meets the scholarships’ eligibility requirements is encouraged to apply.

The Nicolas D. Lucchesi Memorial Scholarships have a value of $10,000 per year; $5,000 in the fall semester and $5,000 in the spring semester. The four scholarships will be awarded each year.

The application is posted on USCB’s website; the first scholarships are likely to be disbursed in August.

“The Lucchesi scholarships will create opportunities for students to achieve the full measure of their potential. And more, these young scholars will stand as vibrant reminders of what a remarkable young man Nick was,” said USCB Chancellor Dr. Al Panu.

The scholarships cover the cost of tuition at USCB but not room and board. Local students who are living at home are encouraged to apply.

“We thought that students of all academic levels should apply. We want to look at all talented students who may not otherwise receive scholarships,” his parents said in an email. 

Mr. and Mrs. Lucchesi will be engaged with the USCB faculty and staff, who are charged with the selection process.

“Through these scholarships, we look forward to continuing to celebrate what Nick loved. He was an avid outdoorsman. He was active in intramurals, especially flag football. His passion for the Lowcountry and the university was absolutely infectious,” said Kelly McCombs, an instructor in the USCB hospitality management program. 

Nick was a 2016 graduate of Hilton Head Preparatory School and an avid athlete. He grew up on the water, loved nature and, while attending USCB, obtained his captain’s license. He aspired to be a professional shallow water, backcountry guide.

The Nicholas D. Lucchesi Memorial Scholarship Fund is among the largest gifts ever made to USCB. It is open for contributions to donors who would like to fund additional students. For more information, call 843-208-8255 to speak with Dr. Anna Ponder, Vice Chancellor for Advancement.