What’s hot in cool pools for 2019

Adding a pool this summer? Here are a few trends to keep in mind:


Dark interior finishes will continue to be a big trend in 2019. Historically, dark interiors have been reserved for high-end hotels and spas, but there has been a recent increase in homeowner demand.  The dark interiors are often made of tile and styled with natural features like rocks or waterfalls to create the essence of a relaxing lagoon. These darker finishes also have functional qualities, as they attract and retain heat more effectively as well as mask any dirt or debris.


Pool Trends2


A new pool trend for 2019 are sun shelves or shallow-depth pools. This 1- to 2-foot-deep feature is great for those who enjoy lounging in shallow waters as well as sunbathing, and as an added benefit can also reduce construction and excavation costs when building a pool. But be sure you consider your lifestyle and how you plan to use your pool before committing to this feature — if you’re looking to just do laps, this probably isn’t for you.

Pool Trends3


This ongoing trend is here to stay. This stylish feature offers not only a modern focal point for your pool, but is also fun to relax in and provides a comfortable ledge to sit on. As swimming pool construction continues to become more innovative, the design options for infinity edges are endless.


Traditionally, pools require a fair amount of upkeep; however, thanks to today’s technology and pool innovations that is changing. Smart pools offer the most cost-efficient solutions to pool maintenance. For example: In-floor cleaning tiles will scrub the bottom and surface of the pool automatically and lighting can be customized to your personal preference and controlled by smartphone.