Spruce up SPRING


Spring is upon us and it’s time to take entertaining and lounging outside so we can take full advantage of the beautiful Lowcountry weather. 

This time of year, everyone is busy sprucing up their outdoor space and planning those projects they’ve been putting off. One of the most popular outdoor projects is the incorporation of those key elements you love about the interior of your home and mimicking them on the exterior. Think cozy outdoor living rooms, fire features, outdoor kitchen and bars. 

Just picture it: A beautiful paver patio featuring an outdoor fireplace or fire pit to keep you warm on a chilly night, or to keep those pesky Lowcountry bugs at bay. 

A new paver overlay on the cracked concrete pool deck taking it from drab to resort quality instantly. A gorgeous and functional outdoor kitchen – a true show-stopper. By taking these indoor elements outside, it feels like you’ve expanded your home’s square footage and allows you to gain some entertainment space. 

While this outdoor hardscape trend has been rising for years in the Lowcountry, the current pandemic has allowed homeowners who have been putting this project off due to budget or time restrictions to finally pull the trigger. Now is the perfect time to expand your living space to your own backyard so every day can feel a little like a vacation day. 

Aside from creating a stunning new living space, another huge benefit to adding a hardscape project to a home is the instant increase in the home’s value. Creating your own private backyard retreat also makes your home much more attractive to potential buyers if you’re in the market to sell. 

What gets the most bang for your buck in a project like this? The heart of any home, an outdoor kitchen. A place where you can entertain and interact with family and guests while cooking a meal. Bringing the kitchen outside allows you to take advantage of beautiful weather and it doesn’t feel as cramped or crowded as being inside. 

If you’re looking to add this project to your list, it might be overwhelming figuring out where to start. Where do you go to see product? How much does it cost? Should you hire a professional to install? What can even be incorporated in an outdoor kitchen anyway? 

There are many options when it comes to an outdoor hardscape kitchen. Luckily, Lowcountry Paver is a local family owned-and-operated hardscape manufacturer that not only specializes in top-quality products, but can also accommodate the smallest and grandest of budgets. 

Try a small grill island for compact spaces, turning your grill from an eye sore to a built-in feature. If you have more room, add a bar area for counter height seating. It’s also a great way to separate eating and lounging areas. Create the ultimate outdoor entertaining area with a full custom-outdoor kitchen by adding a sink, refrigerator and a wine fridge or kegerator, if that’s your thing. You could even add a pizza oven. 

With several product shapes, colors and finishes available you can create a custom look that blends in with your home’s exterior and suits your personality and style. By going directly to industry experts at Lowcountry Paver, they can recommend the area’s most trusted and respected installers so getting quotes is easy and stress free. Lowcountry Paver also offers DIY kits for many of their products if you’re looking to tackle your backyard project yourself. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, a DIY fire pit kit would make a perfect gift. They come with everything you need and installation is a breeze. Make sure to grab supplies for s’mores and plan a family game night to make her feel extra special. 

If Dad gets jealous, a DIY grill island is the perfect gift for the guy who has it all. Plus, it creates bonding time while putting it together. 

Lowcountry Paver manufactures their products locally in Hardeeville, South Carolina. Visit their office and take a look at their large outdoor showroom to see products in person. You can even take samples home to make sure your selection is just right! They’re open Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. 535 Stiney Road in Hardeeville.