Autumn Flowers

The change of season is a chance to enjoy the bloom of gorgeous autumn flowers. From vibrant colors to sweet scents, these flowers are pleasant to plant.



{ Mums }

Mums can blossom with vibrant autumn colors, such as gold and orange. A popular fall flower, mums enjoy sunlight and are best to plant in the late summer or early fall.


{ Croton }

Traditional fall colors of orange and red make croton perfect autumn additions. Croton enjoy bright light and a humid environment.


{ Sweet Alyssum }

Known for its fragrance, sweet alyssum is found in white, pink and purple shades. The subtle honey-like scent is pleasant.



{ Aster }

A classic fall perennial, aster flowers are colorful additions to an autumn garden. Beautiful pink, purple and blue colors brighten your landscape in the fall.


{ Begonia }

Begonias don’t mind the shade; they bloom in soft light and partial shade. From red to pink and white, begonias offer a variety of colors.


{ Flowering Kale }

Flowering kale grows in sunny locations, but it is OK with cold weather and can offer vibrant colors after frost.



{Ornamental Pepper}

Ideal for the fall, ornamental peppers offer shades of red, orange and purple. Safe to eat, but normally just grown to be admired. They can be quite hot.



{ Pansy }

Filled with color, pansies are often cited for their “faces.” They can be planted in the fall and rebloom in spring.



{ Petunia }

Petunias, which will bloom and grow until the first frost, typically offer any color. The array of colors (pink, red, orange, yellow, black and white) are cheerful additions.


{ Viola }

Violas are versatile flowers that come in a variety of colors. They are cousins of pansies, but they can tolerate the heat a little more – and they are cool-season flowers.