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Spring Into Action – Declutter Your Home

Spring Into Action – Declutter Your HomeAre the stacks of paper, mail and magazines taking over your home?

Do you trip over the kids’ toys or someone’s shoes every time you enter a room?

Often this seems like a typical environment of a busy family, but it can create stress and frustration.

Clearing the clutter and organizing your home is the key to having more time to relax and enjoy time with your family.

As spring-cleaning begins, it is smart to look at each area of your home to see what needs to be re-evaluated for better efficiency and organization. There are a few helpful hints to make sure you avoid feeling overwhelmed with this project.

Helpful Hints

  • With paper and pen in hand, take a tour of your home and make a list of what areas are in need of decluttering. Don’t forget the closets.
  • Prioritize and concentrate on one room at the time.
  • Decide in advance that some items will be eliminated and where they will go. Consider a yard sale, consignment shops or your favorite charity.
  • Get three large containers and label them: Must Keep, Give Away and Toss.
  • Get help from family members so they also realize how important this is.

Organizing Closets

Many new homes are equipped with closet systems and there will be no need to do anything except clean out and through away.

If the storage in your closet is not working for that room, there are numerous ways to redesign the space. There may be a need for storing more folded items and additional shelving could solve that problem. Check out the various types of closet systems available at home improvement stores or go on line to Web sites such as closetmaid.com or easyclosets.com. You might also consider the custom closet companies that can come to your home, evaluate your needs and build the closet of your dreams.

Closet systems can be found in vinyl-coated shelving or wood designs in various color finishes. Efficient new cabinet designs and drawers are available for storing shoes and accessories.

Another approach is to incorporate storage boxes that can be found in attractive finishes such as leather, fabric and plastic. Baskets with cloth liners are very popular and are being sold in many types of stores. If you choose to use these containers always label each one for a special purpose.

Shelving and Overlooked Storage

Built-in bookshelves and cabinets are always a great amenity to have in a home.

It is not unusual to have these in a den or living room but you may not be using them to their maximum efficiency. Sometimes the clutter can get a little out of hand behind cabinet doors. Look at what is stored in these rooms and make sure it is used in that room. Maybe it is time to clean out and throw away old items hiding in the back of these cabinets.

Another way to make your home feel less cluttered is to rearrange bookshelves. Are they overstuffed and unattractive? Clear off everything and start over by adding only a few accessories along with the books. Don’t over do additional accessories because the current trends are somewhat minimal.

Create a stylish, neat appearance by using colorful boxes and storage containers. Check out some of the newest attractive boxes and containers available on organize.com.

Look at various rooms in the home for areas that could benefit from new shelves or bookcases. The trend to add bookcases and shelves around a bed is a great idea if you frequently read in bed.

If bathroom storage is limited, consider a narrow 6-inch shelf installed on the wall. Purchased shelves or custom-built ones installed on the wall waste no floor space in small rooms.

Take advantage of unused space under a stairway or build a storage bench under a window. There are numerous manufacturers that are introducing modular units of cubes and shelves to arrange in a way that works for your home. These also show how the new flat screen TV can be incorporated on a low cabinet or shelf. Make sure there is handy storage for DVDs, electronic game and stereo equipment.

Kids’ Toys and Hobby Storage

A common problem for many families is where to keep the toys for the children.

No matter what their age, there always seem to be some toys that never get put away. The main problem is generally no convenient place to store them.

If you are noticing that your kids prefer to play board games in the den or kitchen, why not find a cabinet or specific storage area nearby for those.

If the family includes toddlers or preschool children, you might want to look at their room and make sure there are enough shelving and baskets for the toys. Categorizing the toys will help with clean up and the unavoidable search for that special toy.

A large adult size closet for children can be a waste of good space. Consider removing the doors and build lots of shelving to accommodate the toys. Complete this useful project by adding colored bins to match the room’s décor. There are also many fun colorful shelving units available at various retail outlets such as discount, furniture and home improvement stores.

Adults are quite capable of making a mess and depending on their hobby, it might be important to find adequate space and storage for hobbies. The laundry room often has unused space that could be nicely converted to a hobby area. If you enjoy working in other areas of the home, consider a rolling cart that can be moved to the den or kitchen. Also think about that armoire that used to be for hiding a bulky TV and could be converted into storage for hobby supplies. Close the doors and no one sees all the mess created by a project that is not complete.

Nothing can be more timesaving than having specific places for everything. By taking time to make your home less cluttered and much more organized, there will be more time to enjoy the beautiful spring weather and time with the family.