Right at Home


Your home is your sanctuary, and your furniture should reflect that. Every piece should make a statement, whether that statement is one of welcoming relaxation or of bold styling and elegant design. But above all else, your furniture should reflect who you are.

In short, it’s rarely a one-size-fits-all purchase.

“Everybody is different, not just size and shape, but tastes and preference,” said Nikki Woody of Moss Creek Village Furniture.

To help meet customers’ different tastes, most of the furniture in her showroom is completely customizable. From colors to fabrics and firm cushions to feather down, customers can take any piece and give it that little extra detail that truly makes it their own.

“People come in here looking for comfort, or they come in here looking for aesthetics and design,” she said. “We can do either/or, or a little of both. We can really tailor it to the client.”

Moss Creek Village Furniture2

That’s something of the utmost importance to Woody, whether she’s out purchasing new furnishings for the showroom or guiding a client through an in-house furniture makeover.

“For my clients who want to make a statement, we can do some fun fabrics and bring some patterns and textures together,” she said. “Or we can do a nice clean, white look. It’s really project by project. It’s all about reading the room.”

It can be a balancing act, she said.

Moss Creek Village Furniture

“My job is really to make sure the choices they love work together.”

Choice is key at Moss Creek Village Furniture. An array of couches, sofas, loveseats and recliners in the huge showroom gives way to elegant dining room tables and distressed coastal-style hutches, which in turn lead to a wall of Serta mattresses. Throughout the displays a dazzling variety of case goods — artwork, lamps, end tables and accessories — provide a tantalizing mix of styles.

Along with this fabulous selection, customers will find years of expertise at their disposal. Touring the head-spinning array of furniture, Woody points out pieces that highlight the latest trends: bold exposed nail heads in finishes from brass to silver; gold-finish cocktail tables and coffee tables; acyclic accent pieces and high-leg chairs that transform instantly from a fashionable armchair to a comfortable recliner.

Moss Creek Village Furniture3“Motion is really popular because it’s very comfortable,” she said. “When you want to relax and just put your feet up, it’s the way to go.”

Whatever the style — contemporary, casual and everything in between — and for whatever room in the house, customers will find it at Moss Creek Village Furniture. And if they don’t, they’re just a short customization away from the perfect personalized piece of furniture to complete their homes.

And it’s all displayed beautifully in a showroom bathed in natural light thanks to a panorama of windows.

“That’s really important — it lets you see your colors as they would appear in your living room, rather than just under artificial lighting,” Woody said.


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