In Step


It’s becoming more popular to have your wedding dance professionally choregraphed. Some brides and grooms are even building their wedding themes around the dance. People are also willing to spend more time preparing for this special moment, which gives them more “together” time to get know each other in a different way.

And it’s not just the bride and groom who want to make sure they don’t hit the dance floor with two left feet: The rest of the family wants to put their best foot forward, too. A family dance is becoming a growing trend at weddings — it seems almost like a formal presentation of the family.

And what couple wouldn’t want to get up and dance that first dance with confidence? 


The process begins with choosing a song. Occasionally, the couple may choose a song that really isn’t “danceable” — they might love the song, but it might not have a good rhythm or beat. That’s where a dance professional comes in: He or she can help make the choreography fit the music.

The instructor will also factor in all kinds of things that can have an impact on the dance: the bridal gown, the bride’s shoes, the venue, etc.

And, in a way, dance lessons can help prepare a couple for marriage. It is an interesting process to see the couple trying to achieve this first dance when they are not yet married. It is so important that they work together and that they listen to each other. This process brings out things couples sometimes don’t see in each other in everyday life, and they get to know each other in completely different settings and situations.

As an instructor, it is so much fun to see how dedicated couples can be in learning their dances. They come to lessons, go home and practice, and come back week after week showing more and more improvement. The final step is when the bride brings her gown to the studio and makes sure the dance works with the dress — of course, the groom is not allowed to see this part of the process. It really is the final dress rehearsal, and any tweaks that need to be made can be done.

The bond couples form when dancing is amazing, and it makes it sad that it seems to take a wedding to get some people to take dance lessons. Everyone should be doing this on an everyday basis — who knows how it could improve their lives.