The what’s what of pre-wedding pampering & procedures

pamperingWhen it comes to the bridal industry, we’ve all heard people say “it’s all about the dress.” However, as many past and future brides can tell you, a dress can only go so far when it comes to feeling that you look your absolute best on a day that will be captured in a lifetime’s worth of photos.

For many brides and grooms, the first step is to get in great shape for the wedding and the following honeymoon. Many personal trainers even offer bridal packages or couple packages in the months leading up to their wedding. This can be a great time to take initiative. Everyone promises themselves “this will be the New Year’s resolution that sticks!” But as time and life goes on, they often get left in the dust of January. An upcoming wedding date can be a great hard deadline to finally meet your fitness goals!

Many brides – and grooms – frequent spas to pamper themselves during a time that can often feel like an absolutely whirlwind. From the always-popular massages to more intensive treatments, spas offer an incredibly wide rang of options to luxuriously treat yourself to fixing any “trouble spots” that many have always wanted to treat.

MediSpas are a popular hybrid between a medical clinic and a day spa. While operated under the supervision of a medical doctor, a MediSpa offers a tranquil, spa-like atmosphere of luxury allowing patients to relax during treatments.

Getting an oh-so-fabulous facial is the first step for balancing your skin. An esthetician will customize your facial to suit your individual needs, whether it be anti-aging, stress release, deeply drenching, ultra purifying or multi-vitamin. No two facials are alike.

facial“We recommend receiving a facial every 4 weeks before the wedding to ensure a healthy and glowing complexion and it will contribute to an even makeup application. Make it a Girl’s Spa Day and invite your bridesmaid’s.”
Westin Spa – Terra Omdorff, Director of the Heavenly Spa

A professional makeover can make all the difference. Let a professional makeup artist custom blend foundation colors to create a flawless complexion.

Get natural nails with a professional pedicure and manicure. Hot rocks, natural sea salt scrub and specialized lotion can have your feet and hands looking and feeling fantastic on the big day.

Wax and relax. Remove unwanted hair gently and effectively using warm, soothing waxes applied by a skilled technician. Facial waxing includes brow, lip, chin and full face. Body waxing is full leg, underarm, bikini, Brazilian bikini, full arm, back or chest.

nailsBody treatments combine special salt scrubs, moisturizers and massages to help melt away dead skin while restoring nourishing moisture to your entire body. Your masseuse can offer suggestions for the ultimate indulgence.

Laser hair removal is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in America. It uses highly concentrated light to “zap” unwanted hair. Lasers can remove even extremely dark or coarse unwanted hair without damaging the skin around it.

Intense Pulsed Light or IPL is a popular method for treating conditions such as broken capillaries, vascular conditions, and a variety of brown spots caused by sun damage. Although it usually takes a series of treatments, is has shown great results in not only treating a variety of vascular conditions but leaving skin more toned and has also been said to boost collagen and elastin.

“Unless you are or become a celebrity or politician, you will likely not be photographed more in one day than on your wedding day. All brides want to look their absolute best on the biggest and happiest day of their life. And, a perfect tan with a “golden glow” will enhance your appearance (and your wedding party)– especially if you choose to wear white.”
Glow Tan Organic Bronzing Studio

Laser Skin Rejuvenation or laser resurfacing can help treat minor facial issues such as wrinkles, scars, sun-damage, or liver spots. The beams of light used allow for very accurate precision, treating just the blemished area of skin.

Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure used to remove the top layer of sun-damaged and dead skin cells and leaving behind a healthier, younger you. Whether you decide to go with the crystal or non–crystal method of exfoliating the outer-most layer of your skin, both offer top benefits.

“Serendipity Medical Spa recommends that brides start with Portrait Express or Fraxel treatments and a series of Chemical Peels 2-3 months prior to their event for a smooth, glowing complexion. 6 weeks prior the event, Botox and Fillers will eliminate wrinkles and enhance the cheeks and lips. For picture-perfect makeup, a Dermaplane treatment within a week of your wedding.”
– Tisha Martin, Serendipity Medical Spa

lasersergeryLaser surgery and sclerotherapy are two standard treatments for spider veins. Complementary treatments include herbs such as horse chestnut and grape seed. Diet and exercise are also important.

“Obviously choosing a cosmetic surgeon may be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, especially in preparation for your wedding day. Here’s a piece of advice: don’t be bashful in communicating what you want. Helping you feel confident, attractive and happy with what you see is what we do. No matter who you choose for your surgeon, talk openly and honestly. “
– Lynne Anderson, Coastal Empire Plastic Surgery

CoolScultping is a recent trend that touts the idea that cold can freeze away selected unwanted areas of fat. The Cool Sculping method, developed by scientists at the Wellman Center for Photomedicine, offers patients the ability to simply relax while freezing away fat and contouring the body without surgery or any downtime.

“Fresh-faced actresses like Ali Landry and Gabrielle Union show off the glowing results of the Hydrafacial, a new non-laser resurfacing treatment that uses serums and a vacuum want to gently exfoliate the skin.”
– Teresa Kitchings, Island Medical Spa

A popular injection, Radiesse is injected into the area needing wrinkle correction. The filler immediately restores volume to the tissue, reducing the appearance of lines. Unlike many injectibles, Radiesse states that after treatments the body will continue to simulate collagen, with the results actually improving over time.

“For the more experienced bride who wants a flawless complexion on her special day, treatments like Botox and injectable fillers can smooth away facial wrinkles and restore youthful structure to the face. Ideally, Botox treatments should be booked one month before the big day for maximum benefit and fillers like Juveder and Restylane should be applied two months prior to trekking down the aisle.”
– Anneliza Itkor, Hilton Head Plastic Surgery

masageAromatherapyMassage has for many years been seen as a must-have for brides, grooms, and even the wedding party to relax before the big occasion. From more traditional styles such as Swedish or Aromatherapy, to styles that are said to refocus the body’s energy, including Shiatsu and Thai Massage.

Be Prepared

No matter the type of problem area you may be looking to fix, a good rule of thumb is to come prepared with a good arsenal of questions. This will give you all the information needed beforehand, so you can ensure your results meet your expectations.

Some good questions to ask:

Who owns and operates the facility?

Who will actually be performing the procedure?

How many treatments will you need to see the results you’re looking for?

Will there be any recovery time or will your skin be affected briefly after the treatment?