Ten Wedding Trends for the Year Ahead

From colors, cake, ceremonies and beyond, we have rounded up the hottest trends and classic ideas with a twist for planning your wedding in 2014/2015. 


While the last few years have been beautiful in the industry, expect design and traditions to be shaken up. Even the most classic brides are ready for something different, a little bolder and maybe a little more exciting. 

Here are 10 trends we are seeing for the ahead in bridal.

tenweddingtrends31  COLOR PALATES

For the last two years, the wedding industry has seen an influx of champagne, blush, cream, ivory and gold accents. A natural, organic, linen look has reigned supreme and it’s been stunning.

In the coming months you can expect a shift. Silver accents will make a comeback and more color will appear on the scene. Plum purple, orchid, apple green and vibrant pops of color are becoming en vogue. You may even see some orange for truly fashion-forward brides.


The days of all the bridesmaids wearing the same exact dress and jewelry has passed.  These days, many brides will allow them to choose their own style of dress - so long as it matches their color palate, pattern or fabric. The result is a cohesive look but one that is not identical, proving that each girl is unique and special to the bride for different reasons.  

This also gives bridesmaids some flexibility in choosing a style that’s right for their body type. Long, short, v-neck or strapless, the bridesmaid chooses the style, ensuring the most flattering look possible.



tenweddingtrends5For those couples that are not getting married in a church, creating a unique ceremony that reflects their beliefs and who they are as a couple is quite popular. Choosing poems, songs and readings that are reflective of their love and relationship, couples are breaking tradition and doing what works for them.


Creating a wedding with details that are reflective of the bride and groom is essential.  Displaying old pictures of loved ones who have passed, a groom’s cake that pays tribute to an alma matter, dog biscuits shaped like the bride’s Fido, weddings are about what the bride and groom like and their love story more than ever. We’ll see more and more little touches throughout the wedding that make it personal.

Cake design is an area that’s always innovating and some regional bakeries are seeing lots of attention to handmade sugar flowers. Natural flowers die quickly when not in water, so using handmade sugar flowers are an edible and practical solution. 

tenweddingtrends7We are also seeing a trend of multiple cakes. Instead of one cake, brides and grooms will have between three and five cakes that all coordinate but look different.


Instead of just cake or cakes, many top-notch local venues will also create an incredible sweets display. Handmade macaroons, éclairs, puff pastries, cookies, milkshake shooters, donuts, cake pops, mini cupcakes, cronuts and more innovative ideas are becoming popular.  


If there’s one trend in entertainment that the bridal industry is seeing less of in the coming months, it’s the photo booth. Instead, we are seeing old-school Polariod cameras (or the latest Fuji Instapix) left on tables for guests to snap their own and either take home for souvenirs or leave for the bride and groom.  

tenweddingtrends88  LATE NIGHT FOOD

Nowadays it’s not just about the cocktail hour food and the dinner food, but late night food, too. 

Chefs are hot on truffle French fries, mini sandwiches, sliders and burgers, hotdogs and classic comfort food that’s elevated with a gourmet twist. 

It’s all about that food you loved as a kid and treating your guests to even more.




In 2014 and 2015, expect innovation when it comes to the bride and groom exiting.

Sparklers seem to have lost their luster because of their ubiquity. You’ll see more eco-friendly confetti, streamers, noise blowers, Chinese lantern send-offs and fireworks when it fits in the budget. 

In the Lowcountry, you can never get enough of the golf cart exit!


Flowers play a leading role in both your ceremony (we can't forget the bouquet) and reception. They help set the mood, enhance your décor and highlight your chosen color palette. Full luxe-style flowers such as peonies, blousy roses and hydrangeas are becoming more and more popular, as are bigger bouquets and floral headpieces.


All photography is by Landon Jacobs with planning by Spencer Special Events