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Some brides and grooms are currently planning their perfect 2020 weddings, while others are making last-minute adjustments to plans for a wedding that’s just a few months away. Whether your nuptials are next year, in a few weeks or not till 2021, it’s fun to keep an eye on the trends highlighted on wedding websites across the country that are having a moment — or are about to.


It’s more than a ring. It’s the promise of a future filled with love and happiness, tears and joy, all with the most wonderful man in the world. So why shouldn’t your ring be the most wonderful ring in the world, too?  And with today’s styles and multitude of choices, there is sure to be a perfect ring out there just for you.


Georgia Lash of Sun City Hilton Head first learned of Monthly’s makeover contest on Facebook.

She scrolled past it, but decided she should look more closely at the opportunity when she realized she qualified for the contest.

“I mean, how many times am I going to be the mother of a groom? Hopefully only once,” Lash said, referring to her only child, Alex, who lives in Charlotte and will marry fiancé Kaitlyn on May 18 at the South Carolina Yacht Club in Windmill Harbour.


Flowers are an integral part of every wedding’s aesthetic, but they can also be a great way for brides to express their personality and creativity. In 2018, greenery — like palm leaves, ferns and moss — was the standout trend, adding a charmingly natural touch while also being cheaper than flowers. But 2018 is long gone, and in 2019, flowers are making a comeback.


Some brides have had the exact dress they want to wear on their big day in mind for years. Others don’t have a clue and can scarcely envision themselves waltzing down the aisle in a fancy dress.

The good news? There truly is a perfect dress for every personal preference. But when it comes to wedding attire, there’s a lot to think about. And we’re not just talking about accessorizing.


Once upon a time, when a couple decided to get married they set the date, bought a dress and a cake and picked colors they liked — traditionally two — to use in everything from bridal party attire to reception décor. While that still happens, these days couples are thinking more about the mood they want to set than the colors they’d like to use.

The humidity may be starting to dissipate (or will soon, we promise!), but love is always in the air on Hilton Head Island. The area’s natural beauty, endless amenities and five-star resorts and clubhouses offer brides and grooms from near and far the perfect place to get hitched.

No matter where you’ll be standing when you say “I do,” there are tons of trends to take into consideration — or just use as inspiration — that shift a bit from season to season. Here are some of the top wedding trends for fall 2017 to help create the vision for your perfect “first day married!” celebration.

There’s a lot to love about weddings this fall. See what’s new!

Weddings are wildly diverse variations of essentially the same exact thing: Two people in love, pledging their commitment to each other for life. No two weddings are alike, because no two couples are alike, and that’s what makes every single wedding uniquely special.

Wedding trends don’t jump drastically from month to month or even year to year. But there are subtle shifts in colors, styles and menu choices that keep things fresh from season to season, allowing each couple to shine a new light on an age-old tradition.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your nuptials on trend but uniquely yours, try a few of these tips to give your guests — and yourselves — a day to remember.

Getting married in the Lowcountry is a classic decision that never goes out of style. Sunsets on the beach, live oaks dripping with Spanish moss, Southern plantation clubhouses overlooking perfectly manicured grounds — couples would be hard-pressed to find more romantic wedding venues than the area we’re lucky enough to call home.

After years of Pinterest trends morphing weddings into more casual or uniquely themed events, this summer’s weddings are returning to tradition in everything from décor to flowers to cakes.

Locals know it’s not uncommon to walk by three weddings on the beach on a typical Saturday in the summer. Locals also know that while the Lowcountry’s beauty shines through no matter the season, the summer gives us temps that hover in the 90s and humidity so thick it forces many of us inside. So what makes June, July and August so popular for destination weddings on Hilton Head?

3015-Bridal-GreenWeddingsWhen you hear “‘green’ wedding,” does the image of a barefoot, hippie bride with a flower halo getting married in a field come to mind?  Think again. “Green” weddings — which incorporate environmentally friendly practices — are on the rise all over the country with all types of people.

From colors, cake, ceremonies and beyond, we have rounded up the hottest trends and classic ideas with a twist for planning your wedding in 2014/2015. 


While the last few years have been beautiful in the industry, expect design and traditions to be shaken up. Even the most classic brides are ready for something different, a little bolder and maybe a little more exciting. 

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