Wedding Day Beauty Prep

Brides: This is it. The day you have been waiting for and dreaming about for months, years or maybe your whole life. It’s your wedding day!


On this much anticipated day, all eyes are on you. Hundreds (if not thousands) of photographs will be taken, capturing you and this epic day forever. Your photos will hang on the walls in your families’ homes; they’ll be passed down for generations. It is only natural that you want to look your best and feel beautiful. There’s nothing vain or selfabsorbed about it, so feel free to indulge in a little wedding beauty prep.

In the months leading up to your wedding, be sure to take good care of yourself. (Shouldn’t this advice apply always? Perhaps easier said than done. Let this be your reminder.) Eat healthy, get plenty of exercise and sleep, and drink a lot of water. In the days before your wedding, make sure you stay hydrated. Not only will you feel better, but your skin will look naturally radiant and glowing.

weddingday02There are a host of beauty treatment options to consider at different times leading up to your wedding day. And timing is everything. Make sure to follow this helpful guide.

3-6 weeks prior

If you are considering medical spa options, you will want to make sure that you have plenty of time for these treatments to take full effect. One option to consider before your big day is a highenergy laser treatment for resurfacing the skin, reducing hyperpigmentation and increasing collagen production, giving birth to new skin. Or consider a light chemical peel and microdermabrasion for brightening the skin or Botox and fillers to smooth away unwanted lines. Brides may also be interested in Zerona laser treatments, Endermologie and Dr. Fuji Cyber Body Slimmers for their effectiveness on tummies, hips and thighs. These are increasingly popular choices, even with younger brides, but be sure you always go to a trained professional, and make sure you still look like yourself afterward!

SERENDIPITY MEDICAL SPA: Serendipity’s bridal recommendations
include Fraxel Laser Resurfacing to “Brighten, Lighten and Tighten,” Botox/Filler to smooth away
unwanted lines and finishing touches that include Latisse for gorgeous lashes and the Liquid Smile
teeth whitening gel pen!

During this time period, you will also want to visit your hair stylist for a trial run of your wedding hairdo. (Note: Some stylists may request appointments at least three weeks before your wedding day.) Search on Pinterest or in bridal magazines for ideas. Clip them out or store them on your phone for handy reference. Make sure your stylist understands exactly the look you are going for and you walk out of your trial feeling confident about your hairstyle. Popular looks for 2015 are natural, wavy long styles and classic chignons. Whatever you choose, make sure you love it.

Also during this time, you should make an appointment with a professional makeup artist. Similar to your hair, you should search magazines or Pinterest for the makeup look you are trying to achieve. Give your makeup artist details of your wedding day such as your color scheme, your venue’s décor and the look and style of your wedding dress and accessories.

ARUM SPA, SONESTA RESORT: Remember that flawless make-up begins with healthy skin!
We recommend a series of facials based on a proper skin analysis prior to
your big day! Begin your treatments about eight weeks in advance and continue based on
your professional esthetician’s advice.

1-2 weeks prior

If you highlight or color your hair, you will want to get this done one to two weeks before your wedding. Do not wait until only a few days before your wedding in case you aren’t satisfied with the color and need to have adjustments made. Also, keep in mind that color and highlights tend to look best after a few washings.

If you are considering semi-permanent eye lash extensions, book your appointment during this window. These products are a great value for your money. You can ditch those eyelash curlers and even your mascara on your honeymoon and for weeks afterwards!

weddingday032 days prior

Get a professional manicure and pedicure. Most brides tend to stick to neutral nail shades such as a light pink, a French manicure or even just clear nails as to not distract from the gown and overall look. (Darker shades can really pop out of pictures, looking glaring or distracting in photos.)

If you feel like you need a little color before your wedding day, consider spray tanning, which has come a long way from those orange, Oompa Loopa days. There are a variety of alternatives to traditional chemical spray tan booths. Several places use all-natural, organic spray tan solutions that are free from orange and leave you streak-free. Check to see if your bridal package includes a consultation spray tan. Then you’ll feel confident you’ll get the most naturallooking glow for your wedding day.

If taking care of your eyelashes, nails and tan sounds like a lot of work to get ready for your wedding day, consider a relaxing massage or facial at your favor

weddingday04Day of your wedding

On the day of your wedding, many brides do things differently to get ready and feel beautiful. Some choose sunrise yoga, a heart-pumping spin class, or a long walk on the beach to clear their minds and mentally prep for their days. Others choose a leisurely breakfast in their hotel suites with their bridesmaids. Whatever you choose, make sure you have some down time and a few hours to relax.

When it’s finally time to get ready, get your makeup professionally done by your makeup artist. Depending on your schedule, you’ll get your hair done after your makeup or vice versa.

Whatever you do, be sure you keep things natural and true to yourself and your own style. No amount of medical spa treatments, eyelashes, makeup, hair, spray tanning or other primping will ever compare to the natural beauty your fiancé sees in you and fell in love with. Remembering that will make you feel the most beautiful of all, so feel confident on your big day — and enjoy some of the pampering prep, too.

FACES DAYSPA & BEAUTY BOUTIQUE: If you are oily and/or red and irritated, keep your skincare
products in the refrigerator. The cold helps to slow oil production and
on to help boost natural and healthy oil production and improve