Go beyond green with eco-friendly beauty trends

Green living doesn't have to mean forgoing the latest looks, especially when eco-conscious beauty is the hottest thing going. Formulations driven by nature, practices that are kind to the earth and minimal packaging are all cool ways to celebrate the warm weather.
Here are some of the hottest eco-conscious beauty trends going:

Fresh as a Rose

The classic and perfect rose inspires some of the hottest colors and scents of the season. Cheeks blush in pretty shades of pink for day and bold fuchsia for evening while glamorous pink lips perfectly accompany spring smiles. For an all-over ethereal glow, the Roseflower Radiance Stick from The Body Shop is a soft, natural and preservative-free way to achieve a dewy spring glow. Match spring's romantic mood and sweep the silky, sheer golden pink highlighter along the cheekbones for a subtle shimmer that enhances the complexion.

Style Highlight

Made with rose oil from the "valley of roses" near the Atlas Mountains, The Body Shop Moroccan Rose Body Butter melts on contact with the skin for superb hydration and releases the delectable fragrance of roses harvested at dawn, at their fragrance peak. It also features rich Community Trade ingredients from Ghana and Brazil.

Pastels and Pinks

This season, eyes shimmer in paparazzi-friendly pastel greens, pinks and golds. Celebrity makeup artist Chase Aston says a soft gold eye shimmer is fresh and modern and is perfect for an allover eye, from lash to brow. For a contemporary effect, a cool mint green swept along the top lash line and underneath the lower lashes sings spring.

Style Highlight
"To take this runway look to night and capture a perfectly imperfect smoky eye, take a black eye definer pencil and line along top lash line, then dip an eye color brush into midnight blue eye color and smudge over eye definer line," says Aston.

Waste Not

What is on the outside of a beauty product is just as important as what's within. Look for sustainably-harvested and fairly-traded ingredients as well as minimal packaging made from post-consumer materials. And when you're done with a container, remember to recycle it!

Wild Accessories

Reduce, reuse and recycle are today's hottest buzzwords. Raid your closet for vintage jewelry and accessories or hit your local thrift shop for a bold bargain that pops. When the sun is shining, remember to protect yourself from UV rays with a stylish round pair of sunglasses.

Beauty that Gives Back

Being good to the Earth also includes being kind to the people who inhabit the planet. Everyday products and practices can make a big difference, so look for beauty that gives back.

Style Highlight
Purchasing a product like the preservative-free Tantalizing Lip Butter from The Body Shop and MTV means a donation is made to the Staying Alive Foundation -- a charity saving lives by empowering young people around the world to protect themselves and their communities against HIV and AIDS. Now that's beautiful.
And when you're done all your beauty shopping, you need an eco-friendly and stylish bag to carry all your goodies home in. Try The Body Shop Bag for Life, which is a reusable, organically grown cotton bag produced without harmful pesticides.

Courtesy of ARAcontent