Brides, you don’t have to worry about what your man is doing for the bachelor party anymore. Gone are the days of guys-only celebrations with heavy drinking in X-rated establishments. More grooms are gathering their buds together for a day full of PG-rated activities.

“They’re taking more trips in general,” said wedding planner Tricia Huddas of Tricia Huddas Co. Weddings & Events. “They are much more extravagant than the stereotypical, raunchy … elements.”

Huddas said Hilton Head offers the perfect place to say goodbye to singledom. Here are just a few ways the guys have fun before the wedding:

When hosting a bridal shower or a bachelorette party, it can be easy to get carried away. Hosts, typically a close friend or relative of the bride, often feel obligated to give the bride the "perfect" party—a concept as elusive as it is expensive.

However, if you find yourself planning an upcoming bridal shower on a budget, have no fear: It's entirely possible to plan a tasteful, fun and sentimental gathering without breaking the bank. Here are five time-saving and cost-cutting ways to throw a beautiful bridal shower:


It can be tempting to blow your entire budget for the party on the invitations, but consider saving money (and time) by sending them electronically. Web sites like make sending invitations and tracking responses electronically a breeze. And with an enormous online image database, it's almost guaranteed that even the pickiest planner will find the perfect invitation design.

(ARA)—When your best friend or sister announces she's engaged and wants you to be her maid of honor, of course you jump up and down with excitement—for her. But inside, you're starting to cringe. Dresses, presents and planning at least one bridal shower—you can feel the pressure building up.

If the thought of the bridal shower creates more stress than satisfaction, there's help. Culinary expert and newlywed, Kendall McFarland, research and development manager at Simply Organic, suggests cutting down on hassles with these five timesaving tips for simple but sensational shower refreshments.

Before you tie the knot, don’t forget to plan one last big hurrah as a single girl with the ultimate bachelorette party. With all of the stress that can accompany planning a wedding, celebrating with friends is a great way to take a break and let your hair down – try to enjoy it!

Hand over the plans to your best friend or maid of honor. Don’t forget to invite your closest friends and even family members. Let your 'planner' know what kind of bachelorette party you have in mind and what dates will work for you. Instead of planning the traditional night out with the girls, consider celebrating at a spa, a comedy club, or a concert.

When most people think of bachelor parties, they think of wild, crazy nights barhopping and partying. But before you upset your fiancée, there are several, more innocent options for partying with the guys.

The tradition of the bachelor party, or stag party, originates from the Romans where the groom-to-be was honored with a dinner and other scandalous activities. But most of all, it was a time for the groom to spend with his friends bonding and celebrating the last night of his “freedom.” Traditionally, bachelor parties were celebrated on the eve of the wedding. Considering that this is the most important day of your life, consider planning the party days, weeks or even months beforehand.