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yourdayPersonalize your wedding with custom paper details

Despite living in our digital age with iPads, iPhones and hashtags, we are seeing a resurgence and popularity in paper at weddings. As brides look for a wedding they can truly call their own, many are looking at custom paper details. From the very first impression (the save-the-date) to the invitation itself, there’s an extensive list of other paper details to consider. 

The first step in a paper suite is determining the invitation design, motif or monogram. This can be done by working with a local stationery shop or custom paper designer. Brides can choose a color palate, specific weight papers, motifs like a palm tree or sea shell or work with a designer to create a custom monogram (a popular choice in the Lowcountry!). These are the elements that can be repeated throughout the paper details.

Pretty Papers located in The Village at Wexford has been in business for 31 years and the owner, Gene, has seen it all when it comes to paper in the wedding industry. He’s finding brides go for a “wow” save-the-date, a more formal invitation, and then while staying fairly consistent in the paper suite, they add some variation to colors, motifs and fonts to keep their paper suite interesting.

But once couples have the overall design, colors, and motifs nailed down, here are some of the paper components to consider at a wedding.




A save-the-date notice lets your guests know when and where you are getting married. It provides very little information other than the day the wedding will occur and the geographic location. You do not need to have exact location for the ceremony and reception as those will be provided on the formal invitation.  You may also want to include the wedding website (check out Riley & Grey) to give more information beyond what you can include in a small card.  Save-the-dates take many forms now as couples are looking to innovate. Choose between a traditional 3-by-5 inch card, fridge magnets with photo, small accordion photo book or a postcard. Here’s a great opportunity to wow your guests and set the tone for your wedding.  Registry information is never appropriate on a save-the-date or wedding invite.

Wedding invitation

The traditional invitation has taken a back seat as brides have more choices than ever before.   With die cutting available almost everywhere, the shape of the invitation can be altered to be oval, scalloped, rounded, quatrefoil and more. Gene at Pretty Papers says that these days, he never does the same invitation. Even stationery and invitations found in wedding books can be completely custom.

yourday3Brides have a wide selection of envelope liners, return address printing or custom address stamps, and a variety of choices when it comes to postage. A popular trend has been to use vintage postage stamps. When it comes to printing, a bride can choose between traditional engraving letterpress printing, thermography and digital press. Gene notes that digital printing is becoming wider spread and more popular, as color matching can be more exact. Each printing style work within a different budget.  Brides can work with a local stationer like Pretty Papers to ensure proper wording and etiquette, as well as staying within budget (typically 7 percent of the overall wedding budget.)


Welcome brochure

Reflecting colors, motifs and monograms in the overall wedding design, a welcome brochure is commonly inserted into welcome bags that guests receive when they check into hotels.   The brochures give information about the wedding weekend schedule, but also provide area information such as where to eat, where to shop and where to play golf or tennis.   Think of the welcome brochure as an organizational tool for guests and an opportunity to welcome them to the Lowcountry if it’s their first time. It’s a mini-travel guide by the couple!

Ceremony program

A program may be provided by some churches, but for couples having a beach wedding or non-traditional ceremony, many are creating extensive programs. Not only does it follow the order of the service, but it may also provide information about the bridal party (relationship to the bride and groom) and even a surprise note to the parents from the couple. They may use it as an opportunity to thank parents for making the wedding possible, or to call out loved ones that have passed that are there only in spirit.


Whether you are having a sit-down dinner or buffet, it has become popular to let guests know what they will be dining on in the form of a menu.

Menus that are diecut specifically or menus that appear largely for all to see hanging on the walls are popular. 

The design also should follow suit of the other paper details whether that be in color, monogram or motif.

Escort cards and place cards

Seating guests at a plated wedding requires a considerable amount of planning.


Creativity has really come about in the way escort cards are displayed. Be it dangling from trees and chandeliers to beautifully arranged in sand sculptures, professionally calligraphered or typeset cards with guests’ names and table number are a must if you are having a seated wedding.

Favor Tags

When it comes to favors, couples may choose to send their guests home with local popcorn, cookies or chocolates package and tied with a tag.

The tag may have the couple’s favorite saying, quote or Bible verse. The design of the tag may reflect the other paper elements and are often done by a professional calligrapher or typeset for a polished look.

Whatever paper details brides choose, they are all sure to be a reflection of the couple. It’s also likely that the paper details are reflective of the overall design and asthetic of the wedding, giving it a truly finished and cohesive look.  Creating paper details that are unique brings that personal touch brides are searching for today in the Lowcountry.



Personalize your wedding with custom paper details