Honeymoon 101

by Sarah Peterman

The craziness of the wedding is over. You are now officially someone’s wife (or husband) and you deserve a break—hence, the honeymoon. However, without some advanced planning and preparation, the honeymoon could be even more stressful than the wedding. Here are a few tips to help you prepare:

Decide what you want the feeling of your honeymoon to be. Do you want a romantic getaway to a tropical location, a tour through Europe or an adventure-packed vacation? Find a destination that will suit both of your tastes and that will prove to be a fun trip to begin your life together.

Figure out a budget and stick to it. Starting your marriage in debt is a bad idea. If you want the honeymoon of your dream but don’t have a big budget, consider a honeymoon registry. Much like a wedding registry, your guests can pay for different elements of your honeymoon (plane tickets, hotel reservations, meals, etc.). A couple more budget-conscious options: Go somewhere off-season and take advantage of a travel agent’s expertise.

Be organized and have all of the details sorted out well before the wedding. The last thing you want to worry about on your wedding day is making copies of your passport and packing toothpaste. Have all of your travel documents ready and clothes packed so that you can put everything you’ll need into your getaway car after the reception.

Don’t change your name! While you may be eager to adopt your husband’s last name, don’t do this until after the honeymoon. All of your identification, including passport and driver’s license, will still show your maiden name. Changing your name right before needing to utilize these important documents can make things complicated. Also, many forms of identification give you a small window of time before you have to report a name change. You don’t want to worry with scrambling to update legal documents right before you leave for your honeymoon.

Most importantly, relax. Your honeymoon, whether adventurous or luxurious, is all about you and your new spouse enjoying some time to relax and be together before real life sets in. Enjoy it.

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