Packing for Your Honeymoon

by Sarah Peterman

Here is a helpful list of items to pack and to consider when getting ready for love fest.

  • Consider the weather. Are you going somewhere hot or cold? Is it warm during the day and cool at night? Do you need a bikini or mittens?
  • Think about what you’ll be doing. Consider the activities you’ll be participating in when packing. And a good pair of walking shoes is a must, no matter what your plans are.
  • Pack a variety of outfits. While blue jeans and T-shirts may be your primary wardrobe, it’s always wise to include a nice outfit or two for a night on the town.
  • Put your contact information on your luggage. If your luggage gets lost, you’re going to want it back.
  • Pack a set of clothes and the basics in your carry-on, just in case. If in fact your luggage does get lost, be sure to have one full outfit, any necessary medicines and all of your travel documents in your carry-on. Don’t forget to keep your prescription medicines in their original bottles.
  • Lingerie and other fun surprises. This is your honeymoon. Remember that.
  • Camera. Fun photos from your honeymoon not only will be a great memento but can also add spice to the end of a more traditional wedding album.
  • Birth control.
  • Basic medical supplies—Band-Aids, upset stomach medicine, Ibuprofen, etc. Don’t let the little things become a big issue. Packing a few basic medical supplies will smooth sailing (or hiking, or touring).
  • Cash. Even though plastic has become the norm, keep some cash on hand in case of emergency and to tip service people along the way.
  • All necessary travel documents.
  • Toiletries. Shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, etc. While it may seem easier to buy these things when you arrive at your destination, they are often much more expensive out of the country.
  • Don’t overpack. While you do want to be prepared, you don’t want your baggage to be a burden.
  • Extra room in the suitcase. Inevitably, you’ll want to bring home souvenirs that never seem to fit.