The Planning Begins...Starting With the Ceremony

Once you have an idea of the kinds of things you and your fiancé want, the timeline for getting things done, and a budget, the fun part can begin. Most brides and grooms really enjoy planning the actual ceremony and reception. The trend now is for couples to plan their special day together, and to put a lot of their own personality and style into it. Many wedding ceremonies and receptions now have themes. This makes it more memorable for everyone, especially the bride and groom.

Some popular nuptial themes include: a garden party, with tons of flowers, berries, and candles; jazz-age weddings, where music truly sets the tone; Victorian era ceremonies, complete with period costumes; medieval weddings, also with period-appropriate costumes and feasting; weddings planned around a holiday; and weddings planned around your ethnic background (especially in the clothing and flowers); and weddings planned around a distinctive place in your area.

For example, a beach wedding is a beautiful event, and you can incorporate the use of seashells in many aspects of the wedding and reception. For television’s reality supercouple from the show The Bachelorette, many wedding planners believe Trista started a trend with her love of the color pink. She had pink everywhere, including matching pink tank tops for her attendants at the wedding rehearsal. If you love a particular color, make sure your fiancé likes it too, and go wild with it. Color-coordinated planning is an elegant way to have everything flow together.

The ceremony itself is the most important part of the wedding. Are you a nervous public speaker? Is your fiancé? Be sure to address this topic early in your planning. You may want to write and recite your own vows, but if either of you is uncomfortable speaking in public, this could turn into a nightmare. Do you want a soloist to perform “your song”? Do you have a favorite song together? Some couples think they have they same favorite song, but actually don’t. So, talk about this ahead of time. Once you’ve planned the basics, meet with the minister and talk about the details.