Groom's Cake Ideas, Revisited

groom cake fish yetiOur previous article about cakes for grooms was an extremely popular story, here, we revisit the subject with a few new great ideas for the guys.

So what is a groom's cake?  It’s a cake for your groom, of course.  Though it is usually served to all the guests at the rehearsal dinner, welcome party or reception, it’s presented to the groom first. With all the focus on the bride – the gown, the flowers, the hair and makeup, the decorations, the favors and all that “girlie” stuff, the groom’s cake is an opportunity for the bride to honor her fiancé and make him feel special. It’s something that’s just for him. It’s often done as a surprise, the groom is totally shocked to see what the cake looks like.

According to luxury wedding designer and planner Amanda Spencer of Spencer Special Events, the best grooms cakes are the ones that are truly persona and reflective of his interests, passions or tastes.  Her May 2014 bride, Kara, surprised her fiancé, Justin, at their intimate rehearsal dinner, with this Nike running shoe by Savannah Custom Cakes.  Justin is a passionate runner so this was a perfect opportunity to highlight his passion with a yummy cake.  Justin was so surprised and all the guests loved it. It was a real wow factor, too.  (Photo by Spencer Special Events, Cake by Savannah Custom Cakes)

Amanda also shared this Celtics cake for her bride whose hubby is passionate about Celtics basketball and a huge Larry Bird fan. (Photo by Scott Hopkins Photography.  Cake by Sheri’s Edible Designs.)

 Here are some more groomsmen cake ideas that we love.  Just remember that whatever cake you choose, make sure it’s personal.  It will sure to be something he will love!