Wedding Cake Trends

Wedding Cake CupcakeThe stars of every wedding are the bride and groom. But if there were a third star at the reception, it would have to be the wedding cake. Traditionally, a white multi-tiered cake has been the go-to for many brides. But today's brides have a wider range of options, and many are choosing cakes that better match their style. Cupcakes, colors and more now rule the wedding cake table. With the wider variety of styles, choosing the perfect cake is easier than ever. Below are five trends that we are in love with.

Instead of having a traditional tiered wedding cake, many brides and grooms are instead choosing to offer their guests something different. Cake pops, cupcakes and even donut cakes have been seen in recent years. This trend continues to prove popular. Cupcakes continue to be a popular choice with many brides, and having cupcakes offers more flexibility for cake and frosting choices. Some brides choose to have a wide variety of flavors, including red velvet, chocolate, lemon or even carrot cake cupcakes. Cupcakes also are beautiful and easy to serve.

0215-Bridal-TrendsLayerOmbreOmbre colors
Ombre cakes have been very popular lately. The soft, fading colors really make these cakes stand out. An ombre cake also is a great way to tie in the wedding colors or theme. Whether it’s shades of pink that match the bridesmaids dresses or beautiful shades of blue that match the ocean setting, a bride can't go wrong with this on-trend choice.

Taking the wedding dress ruffle trend one step further, ruffled cakes are becoming the stars of the cake table. These stunning cakes provide life and movement that is missing in traditional fondant-covered cakes. Keeping with the color trend, ruffled cakes can be stunning in white or taken to the next level with a color or paired with the ombre style.

If your wedding has more of a rustic feel, you may wonder if a highly frosted cake will fit into your theme of simplicity. The "naked" cake may be your answer. These cakes forgo the outside layer of frosting, instead highlighting the actual cake and the frosting between the layers. Often adorned with fresh fruit, these cakes take simplicity and step it up a notch. We predict seeing more of these cakes in the next few years.

0215-Bridal-TrendsGroomCakeGroom’s cakes
Let's not forget the groom. Anyone who has seen the movie “Steel Magnolias” remembers the gray-iced red velvet armadillo groom's cake. Groom’s cakes are traditionally thought of as a Southern tradition, but more and more couples are having a groom’s cake as a second cake offering. Usually styled after an interest of the groom, cakes come in all different shapes and themes. Fishing, a favorite sports team or even a favorite food are popular. The groom’s cake is a chance to introduce a little whimsy to your wedding.