The Wedding Cake- A Showpiece of Sweet Sentiments

Today’s wedding cake often takes center stage at the wedding reception, next to the bride and groom, of course. Today’s cakes are stacked, often in several layers, and can be seen in such shapes as round, oval, hexagonal, and square. Since theme weddings are becoming so popular, the theme of the wedding is being carried over into the reception and invariably influences the design and presentation of the wedding cake.

Brides and grooms are often opting to nix the totally white cake, and are beginning to add hues that coordinate with their wedding colors into their cake. Also popular is the addition of the initials of the bride and groom onto the cake.

Where once most brides and grooms chose a “traditional” white cake with “plain” icing, today’s choices are virtually limitless. Couples today are particularly interested in selecting cakes which feature the finest ingredients, such as butter or cream, and are very accommodating to the tastes of their guests. Many couples are opting to choose a multi-layer cake with a different filling between each layer, so everyone will be pleased.

When trying to decide who will create your wedding cake, ask for photographs, references, and samples. Know exactly what you are paying for in advance. Be creative. Choose someone who will create a special cake that will reflect the personality of both you and your fiance. This will assure you of a fantastic wedding cake to remember. And, your guests will be impressed, too!