Tips when choosing your wedding gown

One of the most exciting parts for a gal getting married is finding that perfect wedding dress. You know, the one you’ll walk down the aisle in to marry the love of your life in!  With all eyes on you, the bride, and hundreds of photos taken -- you want to choose a dress that you feel most confident in.

We consulted with Bleu Belle Bridal in Savannah, Georgia to bring readers some tips on finding the right dress.  Here are few things to keep in mind: 


  1. Try on dozens and dozens of styles!
    The more options you have to choose from the better and you never know unless you try.  (Maybe that mermaid style really does look good on you!)
  2. Choose classics over trends. 
    Timeless dresses will always win; they’ll look great in photos in years to come and you won’t look back and say, “What was I thinking?”
  3. Don’t go out of your comfort zone. 
    If you aren’t high fashion, don’t choose a very fashion forward dress.  Instead, choose something that matches your fashion personality and style.
  4. Take pictures in the salon. 
    Have your mom or maid of honor snap photos on their phone or digital camera.  Do this not only so you can preview how you look, but so you can remember it later.
  5. Find the right fit. 
    A bridal salon will professionally measure you and make recommendations on sizing.  It’s never a good idea to go down a size – always order a bit bigger and have tailored.
  6. Use a professional that’s experienced in bridal gowns. 
    You need an alternations specialist truly familiar with the detail, fabrics and delicacy of these gowns.  This is not a place to skimp or save.
  7. Have a plan for after the wedding. 
    If you choose to save your dress (perhaps to pass it down to your daughter), get it professionally cleaned and preserved.   There are also lots of great options for selling your dress.  Try: