Real Wedding: Terri Cox & Matt Cramer


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What’s your favorite part of a wedding? When asked this question, so many people love to answer: “Seeing the groom’s reaction to his bride.” The look on the groom’s face when his bride walks down the aisle says everything, doesn’t it? With all the focus on the bride, sometimes it’s so spectacular to see what the groom has to say.

“Our wedding day was perfect,” says Matt Cramer of his Oct. 4 wedding to Terri Cox, held at St. Luke’s Church on Hilton Head. The reception took place at Hampton Lake, and the entire day was filled with family, friends and personal touches.

0215-Bridal-TerriCox“The best moment had to be seeing her appear at the back of the church and walk down the aisle to meet me at the altar,” Cramer said. “She was absolutely stunning. I was nervous right before the ceremony, but as soon as I saw her and when we held hands, all the nerves went away. That moment was my favorite part of the wedding.”

Clearly a romantic, Cramer presented his bride with 10 reasons he wanted to marry her on the day of the wedding. All of the women in Cox’s life shared the 10 reasons with her (before the bride had her makeup done, to ensure there were no mascara smudges, obviously). It was a complete surprise to Cox, and she was blown away by his thoughtfulness.

Cox and Cramer planned a lot of the day together and in collaboration with their helpful parents, Gavin and Jill Cox and Jerry and Marie Cramer. Other than committing to what they were spending financially, Jill Cox said the rest of the planning was really executed by the happy couple. Not surprisingly of this very loving and supportive family, Terri Cox says she couldn’t have done it without both her and Matt Cramer’s parents.

Cox’s family is African, so they incorporated a lot of tribal dances and traditions into the wedding. Keeping family close, even family members who could not be there, was also important to the couple.

“My grandparents were not able to come for health reasons and after losing my grandfather a couple months before the wedding, I wanted to make sure they were right by my side the whole day,” Cox said. Photos and special mentions of these people were present. “Matt's Nana Cramer passed when he was a teenager, and he was close to her as well. I put pictures of them on my bouquet in remembrance. We were blessed to have Nana Shirley Smith there to enjoy our special day with us. She was the only grandparent of Matt and I at the wedding.”

The couple’s reception at Hampton Lake can only be described as classic. Cox used a lot of sunflowers in the design of the wedding because, quite simply, they make her smile. Eye-popping satin blue bridesmaids’ dresses contrasted with the yellow sunflowers and made for a very refreshing and beautiful look. The couple’s biggest wedding day splurge was on the photography. “It lasts forever,” Cox said.

The bride and the groom had two matrons of honors and two best men. Further demonstrating their strong family ties, those roles were filled by Cox’s sister and best friend and Cramer’s father and best friend. Celebrating family and friends was a very important part of this couple’s big day.

The mother of the bride, Jill Cox, had a little bit of advice for mothers and daughters who are planning weddings together. “I think the most difficult thing when planning a wedding is to focus on the big picture of what the wedding is truly about, and the commitment that comes with the vows,” she said. “It is important to set the financial boundaries, and then let it be about what the bride and groom would like on their day. Having checklists and timelines is important.”

“Terri and I planned a lot for this day and it was amazing to see how happy my bride was all day long,” said Cramer. “I wanted her to have the best day ever and the wedding that she had always dreamed of. From the smile she had all day long, I feel it was a success.”
Now that they’ve got a few months of being married under their belt, Cox said that the couple’s life is “amazing. I love my husband in so many more different ways than I ever knew were possible. We cannot wait for what He has in store for us and look forward to many more memories to soak in.”

Wedding Vendors:

Photography: Megan Sells of Phoenix Feather Photography
Video: Main Event Video Production
Venue Manager: Russell Goldstein
Limo: Landy Johnson of Get You There Limo Service
DJ: Mareon Atkins
Lighting: Jerry Cramer, father of the groom
Flowers: Jill Cox, mother of the bride
Cake: Susan Voegal
Makeup: Rosa at FACES Day Spa
Hair: Danielle and Jamie at Tara’s of Moss Creek Hair Salon
Reception rentals and catering: Downtown Catering
Officiant: Pastor Greg Kronz
Ceremony Organist: Nina Rodman