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2021 TOP WEDDING Colors


In the 1989 movie Steel Magnolias, the bride Shelby chose two shades of pink (Blush and Bashful) for her wedding. Today’s couples aren’t afraid to venture out on the color wheel. Exploring the top wedding colors of the year is a great way to start your wedding planning. There are some new trends and consistent favorites to help make your special day the best day ever. 


Here are a few colors that are trending in 2021. 


LIGHT BLUE // Blue is a traditional favorite, but in lieu of dark hues, The Knot says lighter blue tones are more popular, including cornflower, French blue and periwinkle. 

Powder blue is making a comeback, according to Wedding Wire. It is versatile, good for “ballroom weddings to laid-back rustic dinners.” 

Powder blue can be used in bouquet ribbons, shoes or flowers, Wedding Wire said. 

THROWBACKS // The 1980s and 1990s are back – in color. The Knot said fuchsia, yellow, teal and bright red are in fashion in 2021, with the trend being to use a combination of all of them. Use these bright colors on “patterned dinner plates to rainbow flower arrangements,” The Knot suggests. 

Bold colors are fun and popular this year, Wedding Wire said. A 1990s-inspired wedding can include cherry red and purple, good for complementing balloon backdrops or neon signs. 

GREEN // Green, considered an “unsung hero” by Wedding Wire, is ready to blossom in 2021. Lighter greens are the trend. Matcha green, olive or pistachio offer a retro look, Wedding Wire says. 

The color will be eclectic this year, according to The Knot, with mid-range greens, like avocado, bringing a 1970s vibe to your wedding. 

As a “universally flattering” color, The Knot, suggests a green jacket or fitting your bridesmaids in green slip dresses. Or, a green engagement ring can make for a throwback look. 

PURPLE // Making a comeback in 2021, The Knot and Wedding Wire agree lilac and lavender are surging in popularity. 

Lighter versions of purple are trending, and lilac and lavender are “whimsical yet sophisticated,” according to weddingwire.com, good for garden weddings. 

Involve them in your wedding with bouquets or centerpieces, theknot.com said. The colors are also being seen in colorful cakes and pressed flowers. No matter how you incorporate them in your wedding, lilac and lavender bring a refreshing vibe. 

PAPAYA ORANGE // Packing some punch is papaya orange. Orange tones are rising in popularity and papaya is eye-catching and playful, weddingwire.com said. Works well with a tropical theme. 

Papaya orange can be “bohemian and artsy, or tropical and lively,” The Knot said. 

Makes for a great pairing with vivid hues (turquoise, lime, fuchsia, magenta) for a beach wedding. 

NEUTRAL // Bright colors are not the only trend. There’s still a demand for neutral colors. Ivory, gray and cream are trending, Wedding Wire said, especially with floral arrangements. For a minimalist look, weddingwire.com suggests accenting the colors with dried flowers, pampas grass and bleached greenery. 

The Knot says in-demand colors include taupe, ivory and dusty rose. For a formal affair, use black as an accent color. 

YELLOW // Vibrant yellow is hot in 2021, The Knot said. The color is popular at summer beach or outdoor fall weddings. 

Tuscany yellow is possibly the “boldest” color of the year, according to Wedding Wire. The golden tones of the shade are why Wedding Wire gives it the “Tuscany” moniker. 

Yellow flowers are a favorite, or include the color to tablescapes. For fun, The Knot suggests fresh lemons, grapefruits and oranges to add to your centerpieces.