From Louisiana to the Lowcountry


How wedding planner Serena Crumley made a few new friends

“I still play Words with Friends with them. When they come back in town to visit, they call me,” said Serena Crumley when talking about the wedding party at the Mallory Weaver/Andy Milford nuptials shown here.

That personal connection was forged during a wedding that called for a lot of thinking on Crumley’s feet. There was, for example, the not-trivial detail that no one in the wedding lived on Hilton Head or had ever been here before.

“The bride had a lot of family in Pennsylvania and a lot of family in Louisiana,” Crumley explained. “They wanted somewhere in the middle, and found Hilton Head.”

So from afar, Crumley helped plan an LSU-flavored wedding decked out in purple, from bridesmaids dresses and phone covers to flowers.

“Vera Wang just released a fragrance, lovestruck floral rush, that has a lavender bottle and lavender flowers. I’m not sure if it’s a trend, but there’s an awful lot of purple in my life all of a sudden,” Crumley said.