Rules of Engagement Rings


hhmbridal-ringJewelry stores are buzzing with eager guys ready to pop the question.

Girls typically want to have some say in the chosen ring. According to 2010 study by Tacori, a diamond leader, found that 70 percent of women do want to have some part of the selection process.

The engagement ring is supposed to last forever, so that usually means she wants to be happy with the final outcome.

In meeting with a couple yesterday, the groom stated that the most important part of his decision in selecting his finance s ring, was the salesman behind it.

“He was so helpful and educated me on all of my options,” stated Ross Hebert, recently engaged. “It made such a difference to have a trusted source that gave me my options and was able to customize the final ring.”

Gentlemen, if you are ready to start shopping, don’t worry if you haven’t brushed up on the education of the 4 C’s when selecting a diamond.

Jennifer Lance of Heritage Fine Jewelers says, “We are happy to educate people on cut, clarity, color and carat size,” she adds, “we have the knowledge and make sure he has a comfort level when selecting a stone.”

A lot of emphasis is placed on the size of the ring, but quality of the stone is just as important.

Harold Weinstein’s webpage, a gem laboratory, states that while clarity is frequently assumed to be the most important factor of all the “C’s,” in facto color and cut have a more profound affect on the visual appearance of a diamond.

Purchasing from a local store not only supports local businesses, but it helps in the personalization and education of such a big purchase.

Local businesses are aware of online and chain store competition, so their prices are competitive and their service is more personal.

Typically, the average engagement ring is anywhere from $3,500-$5,000. The old rule of guys spending three times their average monthly salary is out the door.

“The guy needs to be comfortable with what he is spending,” Lance suggests.

Even though the girl wants to have some say-so in her diamond, she usually wants the proposal to be a complete surprise. If you want the ring to be a complete surprise too, take a ring that she may wear on her same finger to the jeweler to be sized.

“Usually the size of the girl doesn’t correlate to the size of her knuckles,” Lance mentions, “so air on the side of larger vs. smaller.”

And ladies, purchasing your guys wedding band is just as important. You will want to select a band that he will wear and be comfortable wearing. Talk to your guy about his wishes, his style, and take his career and hobbies into careful consideration.

If he works with his hands, consider a sturdy metal such as titanium and tungsten vs. platinum or gold which can get scratched easily.

Don’t wait too long to get your wedding bands. Minimum would be two months before your wedding.

She is going to be flashing her new “bling” for years to come so prepare, do your research, and shop around. Once you have the diamond, plan your surprise proposal and make it as fabulous as her ring!