What’s Popular in wedding trends


themedweddingOne of the most exciting wedding trends in recent years that is currently going stronger than ever is the push to step away from tradition and look toward creativity. Couples want to incorporate elements of their personalities into every aspect of their big day. Here are some ways brides and grooms are breaking the mold.

Themed Weddings

Many couples are choosing to have a theme that touches on different aspects of their wedding. One popular trend is a roaring ‘20s- and Great Gatsby-theme affair. Lavish gold accents, ‘20s-style invitations and even music of the era can all be tied together. Bohemian glamour is another popular theme for 2014 weddings and can be a simple one to incorporate by using floral garland, wooded elements and relaxed, flowing dresses for the bridesmaids.

New music styles

When choosing the music for different parts of the wedding, couples are ditching the traditional and moving toward music that guests can say, “Oh, that’s so [insert couple’s name here]!”

During the ceremony, stringed instruments have become increasingly popular, both in groups or single instrumentalists. In fact, the mellow, enchanting music of the soloist has become popular both in ceremonies and cocktail hours. Solo harpists, violinists, guitarists and vocalists are all increasingly popular choices.

For the reception - no matter if the couple chooses a band or a DJ - music that encourages guests to literally dance the night away is a must-have.

Watercolors and pops of color

themedwedding02When it comes to color-scape, the approachable elegance of romantic watercolors is the color combination of choice. Some popular examples include blue or mint with peach and blush rose accents. Any shade of blue with peach accents looks lovely.

Hemlock green with earthy nude or peach accents has also been an unexpectedly popular trend, mainly in woodland romance-style weddings. Pink is also back in a big way! Muted shades in peaches, blushes, nudes and roses are flattering, romantic choices.

Another choice when planning your wedding’s color theme is bold and fun shades for color pops. Set against mostly white or neutral tones, bright pops of color look amazing in photographs. Shades of coral and poppy are a popular combination. The dazzling bright palate of aqua, canary yellow, hot pink and orange will certainly pop. Mostly white accented by sunshine yellow is another great choice.


themedwedding03Flowers this year are soft, lush and exquisitely romantic. Bouquets and centerpieces are trending toward a “freshly gathered” look of flowers from an English garden.

Mixed-colored bundles of peonies, garden roses, daisies and hydrangeas are popular flowers.

Accents have become more earthy, as many brides look to bring the outdoors in by using sprigs of scented garden herbs or wood pieces.

The sky is the limit with centerpieces. It isn’t uncommon to see 5-foot flowers intermixed with soft unexpected lighting. Whether using candles or other decorative lighting, the key has been to mix creative lighting with your floral-scape, creating a breathtaking statement piece.




Bridesmaid dresses

themedwedding04The trend of muted watercolors and pastels gives brides the option to give bridesmaids a variety of styles to wear, each flattering to body type.

Another trend is bridesmaids having the same style of dress, but varying in two to three shades from the color palate. Bright color pop dresses like those with aqua, coral, mint, yellow, etc., when combined actually only serve to make the white gown pop all the more.




Right now flavor is very driven by season. In the summer, choose a lemon cake with lemon flavor. In the winter, brides are looking for chocolate cakes with rich accents of mocha or praline.

Social media

One interesting thing wedding planners are asking couples in 2014 is, “What is your social media plan for the big day?”

Because of social media predominance many couples are choosing one of two very opposite approaches to social media.

themedwedding06The “unplugged wedding” has become something many couples take into serious consideration. Guests are asked to put their phones in some type of creative container, similar to putting your keys in a bowl at a party, and to focus solely on the ceremony and not their screen.

On the flip side, many couples are embracing social media and drafting a complete social media plan. This plan is often included on the invitation, giving guests a chance to document every experience from the moment the invite arrives. A social media plan can include specific hashtags for the big day, releasing “behind the scenes” video via Vine or Instagram, and even allowing social media RSVPs.

Again, the choice is simply a reflection of the couples unique personalities.