Making your wedding day personal

There’s something fairly formulaic about weddings.  From the ceremony to cocktail hour, reception and food, a wedding follows a standard pattern.  This is why more often than not, brides and grooms are looking to do something different and they’re almost always looking for ways to make the day truly their own.  There are a variety ways to make your wedding personal in a variety of budgets. Here are a few tips for making your wedding day personal!  


  • Choose a theme that’s meaningful to you!  If particularly outdoorsy, choose a beach wedding or host the ceremony and even reception outdoors.  If you are more forma, head indoors to a fancy ballroom.  The style of the wedding should reflect your personality.
  • Incorporate photographs into your wedding day.  Hang engagement photos from trees, use photos of the couple as table markers.  Include vintage photos of grandparents and great grandparents, or beloved family members who are unable to join but are there in spirit at the cocktail hour for all to see.
  • Monogram it!  From a monogram dance floor to the stamped monogram favors, use the couples married monogram (after the ceremony takes place) to put your personal mark on everything. Guests will also walk away with that personal memory of your wedding day.
  • Choose meaningful music.  Have the groom pick out his favorite music to bust a move to with his college buddies, or choose music that the couple fell in love listening to.  By making sure the music is personal to the couple and is in touch with some of the guests, the day itself will feel more special and unique.
  • Branch out when it comes to your food, too! Make that personal.  Does the groom LOVE hot sauce? Why not choose a hot sauce bar with dozens of hot sauces from all over the world displayed beautifully.
  • Never, never, never let your mom, in-laws, planner, or vendors talk you into something that’s not you! Go with your gut and always make the decisions that make YOU and your fiancé happy on your wedding day.  

Stay true to yourself and follow your wedding day vision and you are sure to have a personal wedding day to remember forever.