Meet Alli Meany of Sparks & Hearts


Alli Meany was born and raised in northwest New Jersey, but was drawn to South Carolina as a young adult and attended the University of South Carolina in Columbia, where she studied criminal justice. Even at an early age, Alli displayed a passion and aptitude for planning.

In middle school, for example, she planned her outfits each week, writing them down to ensure they were not duplicated. As she grew older, Alli eagerly took advantage of any opportunity to coordinate birthday parties for friends and family members, and hosted her own get-togethers dubbed “friend functions.”

When Alli moved away from friends and family, they turned to her expertise from afar. She happily assisted from a distance, creating a “vision” for a memorable party and offering direction and insight regarding how to execute it. As those same friends began getting married, Alli not only enjoyed the celebrations, but also found that she carefully took notice of the many details essential to executing a great event. Alli knew that she had found her passion and that she could impart creative touches into events of her own.

After living in different parts of South Carolina and developing key relationships through her work in the hospitality industry, Alli decided to pursue her dreams in Hilton Head. With Sparks & Hearts, Alli employs a creative technique to uncover what makes each couple “tick,” and uses these core inspirations to guide the planning process and execute a couple’s dream wedding. She advises brides to prioritize, to think first about their overall vision for their wedding, and then hone in on the elements of the day that are most dear to them. This makes tough, last-minute decisions easier for everyone.

Outside of her love for wedding planning, Alli enjoys spending time on the water. Having grown up on a lake and now living on an island, she embraces the outdoors and is up for anything from boating to watersports.

Alli believes that grand vision begins with a spark and works with clients in Hilton Head, Bluffton, Charleston and beyond to help them create one-of-a-kind celebrations. For more information please visit