Local wedding favors (with local wedding flavor)


Of all the photos in a wedding album, few tell the subtle story of your special day with character and sentimentality like the close-ups of wedding favors. Whether they’re candles with ribbons that carry on the colors of the day’s decor or savory stuffed boxes of sweet take-home treats, these special gifts are a token of the couple’s gratitude and happiness. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Local favors (with local flavor)


We already mentioned probing palates with a sweet treat. Personalized chocolate bars, individual truffles, cake-shaped cookies, fresh fruit or slices of a groom’s cake — a Southern tradition — top the lists at the Wedding Channel. Try packaging a variety of diminutive desserts in a gift box wrapped with colorful ribbon.


Useful gifts are always appreciated. If you’re throwing a wedding in the hot Southern sun, surprise your female guests with fans to cool off with — and, of course, to prevent their make-up from running. Adorn the tables with small bottles of bug spray or Skin So Soft to prevent those pesky no-see-ums from partaking on their own buffet.


Sometimes, the best gift is the gift of time. Find gifts that will keep the pint-sized guests entertained so the grown-ups can mingle. Try jump ropes, travel-size board games, sticker books, coloring books — or an in-house babysitter!



Little plants in antique pots not only lend a natural feel to your party but will also live on after the reception. Potted herbs can be accompanied by a favorite herbal recipe.


Lowcountry weddings are destination weddings for out-of-town guests. Support local businesses while giving your guests a little something from South Carolina’s southern tip to take back with them — such as candy, popcorn, magnets or books. If you have the time, scour the beach for shells and other natural keepsakes. — you see them all the time, but to your guests, they’re local treasures.