In July, the Lowcountry welcomes thousands of visitors who flock here for precious vacations with family and friends. Despite some traffic headaches, tourism is one of the largest job creators in the Lowcountry and we are grateful that so many families want to spend their time and money here. Many Beaufort County residents work hard to make sure these guests have a wonderful time while they’re here, and in this issue, we introduce you to some of the folks who are on the front lines of summer every day: guarding our beaches, serving meals, guiding boats safely to shore and more.

At Monthly, we love the looks on the faces of visiting adults and children when they first see all the beauty the Lowcountry has to offer, from the sunsets to the beaches and wildlife. This issue is full of suggestions for summer fun, from surfing Hilton Head Island’s gentle waves to opportunities to meet alligators and snakes up close and great spots to enjoy mouth-watering burgers or ice cream.