A healthy immune system helps your body defend against illnesses. But it needs your help to fight off viruses that cause colds and the flu. Here are some tips to help your body stay strong.


Enjoying the great outdoors sometimes results in injuries. It’s important to know how to treat minor problems with a first-aid kit and to recognize what merits a visit to an urgent care center or an emergency room.


It’s a minor miracle that we overlook almost every single day, one that would have been the stuff of science fiction a couple decades ago: A small device that fits in your pocket and puts all the collected knowledge of mankind at your fingertips. A device that connects you to every single person on the planet.

In principle, anyway, that’s how it’s supposed to work. In reality, smartphones give us knowledge without wisdom. They give us connection that, ironically, isolates. And, as growing research is showing, smartphones ultimately might do more harm than good.


By now, it’s hardly radical to point out that braces aren’t just for preteens anymore. Adult orthodontia was already on the rise in the early 2000s when celebrities like Tom Cruise and Faith Hill showed up on the red carpet rocking a set of straighteners, and interest in it increased from there.

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, one in four orthodontic patients is an adult, with ages ranging anywhere from early 20s into the 80s.


When the time comes, finding the most comfortable assisted living facility for a loved one is of utmost importance. In addition to high-quality care, the facility should provide opportunities for daily activities and meaningful social interactions.

Assisted living facilities, which help the elderly manage daily tasks such as getting dressed, doing laundry and taking the proper medicines, can help benefit overall health and mental well-being, according to AARP.

DRRHONDA WALLACEFamily medicine physician Rhonda Wallace, M.D., has joined Beaufort Memorial Bluffton Primary Care. Dr. Wallace recently completed the McLeod Family Residency Program in Florence, where she was chief resident. Dr. Wallace brings a wide variety of experience to the practice, having started her career as a cardiac care nurse and later working as a physician assistant in emergency and urgent care. The practice is located at 11 Arley Way in Bluffton. 

For decades, dentists have followed strict state and federal regulations that protect patients and staffx from epidemics that could have been devastating. The COVID-19 pandemic did not dramatically alter safety protocols in their offices, but it requires modifications. Dentists and their clinical teams are wearing N-95 masks, plastic face shields, and surgical gowns and caps to protect them from bioaerosols. Many have introduced high-suction devices that immediately collect the aerosols. ROC Dental Group also added surgically clean air purifiers that destroy infectious airborne particles, including viruses. 

MEMORIAL HEALTHMemorial Health is the first healthcare system in Georgia to use the ROSA Knee Robotic System for total knee-replacement surgeries. The technology helps the surgeon optimize accuracy and efficiency when planning and performing total knee-replacement procedures.

The hospital is also the first healthcare system in Georgia to offer robotic-assisted bronchoscopy for patients with lung nodules utilizing Auris Health’s Monarch Platform.

BEAUFORT MEMORIAL HOSPITALBeaufort Memorial Hospital, the first healthcare provider in the area to offer robotic-assisted hysterectomies, is using the advanced technology to customize and improve total knee replacements.

The cutting-edge Mako Robotic Arm-Assisted Surgery System allows orthopaedic surgeons to create a surgical plan unique to a patient’s anatomy, and then use the robotic arm to implant the components with greater precision.