strokeThe most common sign of stroke is sudden weakness of the face, arm or leg, most often on one side of the body.

Other warning signs can include:

eye twitchingEye twitching is a repetitive, uncontrollable blinking or spasm of the eyelid, usually the upper lid. Eye twitching (blepharospasm) usually affects the eye muscles of both eyes. If you have eye twitching, you may have an involuntary movement that recurs every several seconds for a minute or two.

Tired of hitting the gym? Try “HIIT”-ing the beach instead. A HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout on the beach packs a punch and doesn’t require equipment. According to Daily Burn, “this popular training method challenges your aerobic and anaerobic systems, meaning you’ll improve cardiovascular endurance and build strength at the same time. Plus, your muscles will work overtime blasting more calories than they would with just steady state cardio alone.” As an added bonus, the sun gives you a vitamin D boost and the sand simulates a Bosu ball workout so that various muscles in the body — which might not normally engage on pavement or a gym floor — are activated.

On par with the RBC Heritage tournament, this month’s health column is dedicated to you golfers. According to professional golfer Krista Dunton, who Golf Magazine named as one of the top 100 teachers and is the lead instructor at Berkeley Hall, yoga is a great way to improve your game. 

2016 Palmetto Heart WalkDaughter’s condition prompts local family to sponsor Palmetto Heart Walk

When Meredith Walls was four months pregnant with her daughter, Ryan Elizabeth, she was given news that no parent wants to hear. 

The baby had a third-degree congenital heart block, a life-threatening condition that slows the heartbeat. 

Colorblindness? Blind to color? Let’s reflect on the implications of this compound word and compound idea.

Blindness first. What does it really mean to be blind? How many of us would choose a sightless, lightless existence? How many of us would choose to be confined in a world of darkness where we could not easily distinguish shapes or spatial dimensions, or the faces of our loved ones? Such a choicewould seem pathological.

In the field of medicine, there has often been a divide between those who focus on modern medicine and those who prefer alternative practices. However, both sides can agree on one fact: the number of patients using complementary and alternative medicine is growing.

Recent studies show that complementary and alternative medicine is the fastest growing area in health care today. In 2015, an estimated 42 percent of the U.S. population used some form of alternative therapy. The numbers are even higher in family practice settings: One study found that 50 percent of patients were using at least one alternative therapy — and only half of them had told their family physicians.

About once a month, a group of us get together and map out a 10-mile walk.

Since the average person will burn between 80 to 140 calories per mile (or roughly 1,000 calories in 10 miles), we reward ourselves afterwards with a leisurely lunch paired with wine. This month, we decided to explore Sea Pines. Our course was canopied by oak trees swathed with Spanish moss, lined with iconic and historic Hilton Head hot spots and included a beautiful beach section. Here’s how you, too, can do it:

Meditation can be so simple, it can seem complicated. Busy minds often hear the word “meditation” and immediately think, “I could never just sit there and do nothing.” And yet, meditation is one of the most beneficial and inexpensive things you can do to improve your health. The key is knowing which method works best for you.

After his father committed suicide three years ago, now 12-year-old Blake Lutz wrote, “He always loved me and I always loved him. … I’ll never understand why he did what he did, and I never will. …

“When you're dead, you never can tell the people that you love that you miss them. … Make sure that you tell people who are close to you that you love them because you never know if you might see them again.”