Get in shape now for upcoming local 'races'

ladies-on-deckSummer is officially here, folks. If you are one of the 90 percent that doesn’t feel like your body is ready for public display yet, fear not. Just because summer has started, we’ve still got plenty of time to get into those shorts and swimsuits.


Let’s take it in small chunks. What can we do now so that we’re feeling a little less jiggly come the 4th of July? That’s a month away -- more than enough time to drop a size and build some sweet-sculpted muscles.

The easiest way to get hot as a firecracker is by simply starting a daily walking or running routine. A lot of you probably already do a few miles several days a week, and that’s great. But if you want to see real changes in your beach body, you’ve got to continually increase the mileage and/or pace.

And the best way to stick to a plan is to follow a weekly training schedule. The structure and accountability are so empowering, and there is simply no greater feeling than crossing off your daily “to do” requirements on your training calendar. Leave the sweaty hand print on there for added pride.

You want the ultimate accountability to ensure you stick to your new routine? Register for an upcoming 5K race -- maybe the Firecracker 5000? I realize that a lot of people are intimidated by the thought of doing a 5K or any other run/walk event -- those are for athletes, right? Hogwash. The vast majority of our local “races” are anything but races. They are packed with hundreds of walkers reveling in the thought of crossing their first finish line.

Registering for your first “race” will motivate you in several ways. First, you’ve paid to participate, so you’re not going to back out. Second, you are going to tell everyone you know that you are doing your first “race” and these new fans will ask about your training on a daily basis. There’s no way you can let them down, right? Third, your training walks have a very specific purpose with a very specific deadline and that makes it easier to manage. You aren’t walking away 50 pounds. You are walking five to 20 miles a week so that you, a smaller and healthier you, can cross your first finish line before the fireworks. See the difference?

Don’t think the job is done come July 4, we’ve still got two months before Labor Day so just imagine how much more fit you can be by then if you continue to increasing your weekly training schedule through the end of summer. Heck, your new svelte body will be ready to tackle the LoCo Motion 3-day breast cancer walk!
The 3rd annual LoCo Motion is September 26-29 on Hilton Head and Callawassie Islands. In addition to raising money in the battle on breast cancer, one of LoCo Motion’s goals is to get the Lowcountry moving -- to get folks in motion (get it, LoCo Motion?).

The event features a different 10-mile route each of the three days. It’s been turning couch potatoes into cross-country champions for a few years and about 75 percent of its participants are crossing their very first finish line.

You can do one day, two days, or go for all 30 miles over the course of three days. Don’t be intimidated by the distance. You can absolutely do this.

Think of LoCo Motion as a walk, run, or jog with a thousand of your friends and neighbors. This is your opportunity to do something you never thought was possible.
You can download their training schedules from the website: To make it a bit more fun, LoCo Motion also has free group training sessions starting in July (details are on the website). The added accountability will keep you going, even on days you want to hit the snooze button

The groups are diverse and are set up to accommodate beginners and intermediate walkers so you’ll be working out with people at your same level. No one will be pointing at you or timing you. It’s not about how fast you go; it’s about making the commitment and seeing it through.

The pride and satisfaction upon crossing that finish line is an experience you’ll never forget. And it will be all the sweeter because you’ll be doing it in your favorite Daisy Dukes!