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Walking inside the calm environment of Serendipity Medical Spa in Hilton Head Island, you can’t help but relax. The neutral color palette, lightly scented air and soothing background music turn the space into a peaceful oasis, where even the most hectic of days fade away as you walk through the door.

The team at Serendipity adds to the spa’s soothing, unhurried atmosphere, spending time with each client to fully understand their anti-aging goals and skin concerns. Dr. Tracey Leaver-Williams heads the medical spa. She was trained as an OB/GYN but sought further education in cosmetic treatments, studying with a respected aesthetic physician to gain expertise. She believes in focusing on the client and truly listening to what each person needs. This translates into personal treatment plans that are highly individualized.

We take time to assess each client and to address their concerns,” Leaver-Williams said. “I love the opportunity to help people improve their natural assets and get more comfortable in their own skin!”

Treatments at Serendipity tackle the typical problems of aging: sagging or wrinkled skin, creases, lines, sun spots and poor skin texture. Thanks to constant training on the latest rejuvenation techniques, the staff is able to treat a variety of skin concerns — and there is a roster of women in the Lowcountry who will attest to their skill. When Bonnie, in her late 60s, was looking for a medical spa to help her reduce the signs of sun damage and aging on her skin, she asked several women with glowing skin about their treatments. Each woman recommended Serendipity, where they had worked with the team to develop skin care regimens that delivered amazing results.

Serendipity Med Spa2Bonnie came in for her consultation and then her treatment, receiving Botox injections and dermal fillers. Since she was concerned about ensuring her skin looked natural, the team made a conservative plan and added as they went through the process. Bonnie couldn’t be happier: “I hadn’t seen one of my closest friends for three weeks. They were away, traveling. We got together to catch up, riding with our dogs in a golf cart to the marina. We stopped to talk and the sun hit my face. She was speechless — she said my skin was phenomenal and asked what I did different. She almost fell out of the golf cart when I told her what I had done.”

As an added bonus, Bonnie had no downtime after her procedure at Serendipity — her pain and recovery time were barely noticeable. Best of all, her active lifestyle wasn’t interrupted to improve her appearance. “I just wanted to be a better version of me. I wasn’t trying to look like a 30-year-old. I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

While Botox and dermal fillers offer almost instantaneous improvement in the appearance of aging skin, other treatments can complement these results. A hydrofacial before a Botox treatment can improve skin texture — cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating skin before the wrinkles are relaxed. This procedure can be personalized, adding more collagen builder, extractions or hydration as the client needs. The facial also is a painless way to nourish and clean your skin, gently removing dirt and traces of old makeup and sunscreen. Skin gains a youthful glow and appears tighter and smoother.

Serendipity Medical Spa offers a host of other treatments. From Fraxel lasers to the MonaLisa Touch, the team has all the tools and training needed to help restore skin’s youthful glow.

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