Protect hair from summer sun


If you’re planning on hitting the beach or the pool a lot this summer, don’t forget to bring protection: Your hair conditioner.

“Wet your hair and put a bunch of conditioner in it,” said Libby DeLoach, cosmetology instructor at Technical College of the Lowcountry. “Fill the hair with good stuff before you dive into the bad stuff. Your hair won’t absorb so much of the chlorine or salt water.”

Lay off the hot hair tools — blow dryers, curling irons and curlers — during the summer months. Instead, go au natural and let your hair air dry. Hair braided when wet will dry into waves, according to

Control humidity-induced frizz by pulling your hair back into a pony tail or a bun. Above all, avoid using shine products to control the frizz. It could damage your hair, especially under the hot Southern summer sun.

“If you have color-treated hair or red hair to cover gray, use color-enhancing shampoo … that will rejuvenate your hair between color services,” said DeLoach. “ … If you’re a blonde, use lemon juice to lighten (your hair) a little bit. Don’t get it into your eyes, because it burns.”

If your hair is fine, look for a shampoo with a clear formula, nothing creamy, according to Thoroughly cleanse your hair from the elements with detoxifying shampoo. 
Never wash your hair before swimming; it strips away the protective oils, leaving your hair vulnerable to harmful chemicals.

Some of DeLoach’s favorite hair products include Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo and Aveda, an environmentally conscious haircare product. Protect your hair with floppy hats and a weekly deep-conditioning treatment with shea butter.

Often, summer marks the time for fun, short haircuts that are easy to care for and offer some relief from the heat. Topping the 2010 trend list is the traditional bob.

“Go for asymmetry -— try one side longer or raise the back and lower the front. Mix lengths gradually, add volume with layers or stick to one-length cuts,” says 
Runway models can be seen donning the fringe, soft and wispy, casual choppy and strong, bold lines. Layers also seem to be staying in style, especially for long-haired ladies who want the illusion of shorter hair.