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Beauty Trends4

Minimally invasive cosmetic procedures grew at a slightly higher rate than surgical procedures in 2018. While three of the topfive surgical procedures focused on the body, the top minimally invasive procedures focused on the face. Of the nearly 1.8 million cosmetic surgical procedures performed the most popular were:


Beauty Trends

It’s finally time for full-coverage looks to take a hike.

My favorite beauty trend for summer makeup is minimal coverage, accented by sheer washes of color on the cheeks, lips and eyes and radiant, highlighted skin. Even those who prefer full coverage can modify their techniques to help their skin appear more natural and glowing.

Start by applying moisturizer. Immediately follow with concealer on the dark areas in the inner corners of the eyes and the eyelids to add brightness and camouflage uneven skin tone; apply underneath the eyes to hide puffiness and dark circles. My favorite concealers have vitamins and hyaluronic acid to brighten the skin and fill in fine lines.



Though October can be a scream — ghoulish yard decorations, scary slasher movies, horrifying piles of sugary candy — there is nothing more monstrous than not properly taking care of your skin from head to toe. But fear not: Here are a few healthy skincare ingredients you might already have at home, plus a few DIY treatments that will leave you hauntingly radiant.


Walking inside the calm environment of Serendipity Medical Spa in Hilton Head Island, you can’t help but relax. The neutral color palette, lightly scented air and soothing background music turn the space into a peaceful oasis, where even the most hectic of days fade away as you walk through the door.

A look back at how Hilton Head became a world-class destination for indulgence

Hilton Head Island had many amenities that helped it reach and maintain its world-class vacation destination status back in 1993. Wide pristine beaches, top-ranked golf courses and tennis facilities, award-winning restaurants, three-and-four star luxury hotels, wildlife and forest preserves, water adventures and bike trails.

Enjoy the lazy days of summer, but follow these tips to avoid or minimize the risks that summer fun can pose to your eye health.


eyeIn sand traps or on the beach, objects such as sand, no-see-ums, and debris can lodge under your eyelids. Keep a squirt bottle of water handy to flush the eyes. If you can’t easily dislodge the object, a visit to your eye doctor may be necessary. A golf coach wouldn’t hurt either.

Your relationship with your plastic surgeon is a crucial step in creating a more beautiful you.

We all know looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. But the symbiosis between the two is perhaps never more apparent than when you walk into a plastic surgeon’s office as a patient.

SPY Elite System Technology for Breast Reconstruction

The Savannah breast reconstruction surgeons at The Georgia Institute For Plastic Surgery now have access to a valuable type of technology that will aid in reconstructive surgery using the patient’s own tissue to restore the breast. Memorial University Medical Center has added a piece of equipment to its operating rooms called the SPY Elite System. The SPY system helps the surgeons select the best tissue to use when reconstructing a breast, and can reduce the risk of complications and further surgeries.

What is the Spy System?


If you’re planning on hitting the beach or the pool a lot this summer, don’t forget to bring protection: Your hair conditioner.


Making a summer fashion statement isn’t solely wrapped around your waist as a sarong while wearing the trendiest swimsuit.

More people are going under the needle for minimally invasive surgeries

trends in surgeryFrom high heels to hair products, everyone is trying their best to look good on a budget — even when it comes to cosmetic surgery.

According to a national procedural statistics report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), minimally invasive procedures such as Botox were up 5 percent from 2007 to 2008. The top five surgical procedures of 2008, according to the ASPS, were breast augmentation, nose reshaping, liposuction, eyelid surgery and tummy tucks.

During harder economic times, more patients might not be able to afford the more permanent surgeries, but they are still finding a way to get that beauty fix using minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. The top five in 2008 were Botox that can diminish facial fine lines and wrinkles, hyaluronic acid fillers to plump the lips or soften facial creases, chemical peels, laser hair removal and microdermabrasion, a skin rejuvenation technique.

Dress your little black dress up or down for holiday parties, New Year's Eve and other special events.


Holiday Office Party

This black dress by Mossoni is found at The Porcupine
in The Village at Wexford. Add black tights and a bag for
a sophisticated look. All accessories on this page can
be found at The Porcupine.

New year’s Eve

Go glam for 2010 with an updo and a simple clutch. Long, striking earrings and a cool cuff complete a show-stopping style that is fun and confident.

Dress by Mossoni Dress by Mossoni

Necklace and ring by VSA, Virgins Saints and Angels
Silver purse by Lockheart
Black heels with bows by Stuart Weitzman

Silver star earrings by Ben Amun; Pave cuff by Jill Jacobson
Clutch by Franchi
Black-and-silver pumps with open toes by Cynthia Vincent

This black sleeveless dress by Robin Jordan, New York, is available at Palmettoes in the Sea Pines Center and is paired with a gold-and-black checked jacket by Anthracite, New York. A black jacket with ribbon design by Anthracite, New York will keep you warm outside during a chilly night. Then once at your party, you can take the jacket off to reveal the classic, sexy black dress underneath. Find all items on this page at Palmettoes.
This black sleeveless dress by Robin Jordan, New York, is available at Palmettoes in the Sea Pines Center and is paired with a gold-and-black checked jacket by Anthracite, New York. dress by Robin Jordan
Gold hoop earrings by Selina King, Hilton Head and New York
Gunmetal mirror Calf shoes with heel by Via Spiga, Italy
Baroque pearls by Karen Carroll, Hilton Head Island and Atlanta
Black satin pumps by Claudia Ciuti, Italy

How to Stay in Shape Like the First FamilyTHE NEWLY INSTALLED FIRST FAMILY IS YOUNG, vibrant and inspirational for millions of Americans to get active. What are some of the Obamas’ favorite fitness activities and how can you stay in shape like the newest residents of the White House?

The first, and perhaps biggest, step is to make time — to get up and to get moving. The president and first lady show that even with a very busy schedule, you can find the time to stay fit and healthy. Make a date on your calendar to work out and keep it. Participate in a variety of activities to keep it interesting and work out with a friend or family member so you can motivate each other.

Sleep is critical to total health and wellness and apnea can be resolved through treatment

How did you sleep last night? Before you answer “On my back” or “Curled up in my 1,200 threadcount Egyptian cotton sheets,” you may want to give your answer deeper thought. Believe it or not, it could save your life.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, approximately 70 million people in the United States are affected by a sleep problem – more than 40 million of whom suffer from a chronic condition.

Fortunately, more and more people are waking up to the fact that sleep disorders can be serious, and potentially lethal, conditions. “Sleep medicine is new to this country,” said Susan Fennell, founder of Island Sleep Lab, an independent diagnostic clinic for sleep disorders on Hilton Head Island. “People are just now recognizing the importance of sleep.”

Health & beauty tips to help you look and feel your best, this season and beyond.

Health & beauty tips to help you look and feel your best, this season and beyond.December has arrived, ushering in slightly cooler temperatures and the hectic pace of the season. Thoughts turn to the holiday trappings; tidings of comfort and joy, carolers wassailing and children filled with visions of sugarplums. As the holidays draw nearer, many people experience warm feelings of anticipation, joy and excitement.

But then comes the holiday wish lists, which subsequently means malls and other stores will be significantly more crowded all the way to December 24 in preparation for Christmas. Lines grow longer, money disappears quicker than you realize as you try to find that perfect gift for everyone on your list, and shopping is only the tip of the iceberg.