Looking Sharp


Bluffton-based photographer and model Guido Flueck didn’t set out to impress others on social media when he decided it was time for a haircut — he was “just tired of the Santa Claus look,” he said.

The coronavirus pandemic pushed many of us inside for months, but our hair didn’t stop growing.

Flueck, who is also a photography instructor, went more than four months without a haircut and more than three months without shaving.

The long locks harkening backed to his youth, the 65-year-old Flueck said, but his big beard and flowing mane needed to be tamed. His inspiration for a new style was spurred by watching a TV series about Vikings. 

“I liked the look,” he said.

Looking Sharp2Brent Nelsen, owner of Barbers of the Lowcountry, was happy to give the native of Switzerland a Viking vibe. 

He gave Flueck a new look that included a neat trim of the beard and a short fade on the sides. On top, Nelsen trimmed Flueck’s hair but left it long enough to comb straight back.

“I was very excited about the way it turned out,” Nelsen said. “He’s got a great masculine look about him.”

Daily personal care routines that help men look and feel their best are becoming the norm, with sophisticated grooming products for males launching every year. Flueck uses Jack Black face moisturizer.

Analysts of men’s grooming trends say social media has motivated many men to pay more attention to their appearance. A constant stream of comparison with friends and colleagues means we’re more conscious of how we look than ever before. 

When photographer Scott Lengel of Bluffton posted photos of Flueck’s transformation on Facebook, many who commented said the haircut and beard trim made Flueck look younger.

“What’s important is how you feel,” Flueck said. 

Five Steps for a Great Look

Looking Sharp31. Become a regular at your barbershop: If you've noticed your hair needs a trim, then others have too. Be proactive and schedule your next cut before you leave the barbershop. 

2. Know which hair products work for you: One size does not fit all. If you have thicker, unruly hair, try pomade and waxes. The finer-headed should go for lighter products. There’s also stuff for those with no hair at all. Ask your barber for a recommendation. 

3. Find your signature scent: Colognes and aftershaves are built to complement, not knock passers-by out cold. Find one or two classic blends that you really like. Typically, woody, spicy or herby scents work in the winter, while lighter, citrus-based notes are better-suited to summer. 

4. Shave with heat, cool the burn: Shaving after a warm bath or shower helps to soften the stubble and open the pores, resulting in a much closer shave. A final splash of cold water will help close the pores. Then apply a post-shave balm to nourish and cool the skin. Ask your barber for recommendations. 

5. Invest in the right equipment: Guilty of using a blunt razor? A razor subscription box will mean your kit will always be fresh, without having to think about it.