Just Add Salt



We often take new health trends with “a grain of salt.” But that’s especially true for halotherapy, which requires hundreds of thousands of salt grains.

The treatment — which was developed in the 1800s after Polish salt miners observed that frequent exposure to salt helped heal many respiratory and skin ailments — has become popular in recent years for its holistic appeal. And thanks to Pure Salt Studio, this wellness option is now available in the Lowcountry.

Located at 23 Plantation Park in Bluffton, Pure Salt is a state-of-the-art facility offering a relaxing space and the most advanced salt aeration technology available.

“We use a unique machine called a halogenerator that measures, delivers and monitors the exact size and concentration of micro-salt particles to ensure they effectively reach into the sinuses and respiratory system,” said studio owner Lauren Bell.

Bell became interested in halotherapy after she saw how it transformed her father’s health.

“We were living in New York, and my father, Tim, was struggling with a lot of respiratory issues,” she said. “We became exhausted going from one doctor to another and trying so many different medications with very little success. We began to wonder if there was ever going to be a light at the end of the tunnel. But then we tried halotherapy.”

Tim Bell, who partnered with his daughter on Pure Salt Studio, said he felt the salt therapy had a big impact on his health.

“I felt a difference after the first session,” he said. “And after several sessions, my cough dissipated. It’s been incredible.”

Pure Salt Studio offers a salt room just for children, as well as an adults-only room with zero-gravity chairs and cozy blankets perfect for relaxation. Both rooms feature walls made of Himalayan sea salt bricks and floors layered with several inches of salt granules. The studio offers either 45-minute meditative sessions or 90-minute sound and energy classes led by an instructor. Private events, which include a juice tasting, also are available.

But don’t take the studio’s word for it when it comes to the healing power of salt. Research also has found that halotherapy can help many chronic or short-term health conditions:


Halotherapy can reduce the edema caused by swollen tissues, as well as widen nasal passages, improve drainage, increase aeration behind the tympanic membrane, and reduce infection in the sinus cavities where bacteria often causes problems.


Inhaling salt particles can help thin the thick and sticky mucus caused by cystic fibrosis, helping to clear accumulated secretions and unclogging airways, making it easier to breathe.


Halotherapy can cleanse the respiratory system, speeding up the elimination of toxins in the body and reducing inflammation.


Halotherapy benefits those with the flu or a cold in the same way it helps those with cystic fibrosis: Inhaling aerosol salt helps eliminate swelling and thins mucus secretions. And salt’s calming negative ions can have an antispasmodic effect on the respiratory system, easing coughs.


Salt’s anti-inflammatory properties mean that it can help treat snoring and sleep apnea caused by obstructed air passages. Air passages are opened and widened and the spasms of inflamed, irritated tissue and muscles are modulated.


Because salt particles can reduce inflammation and improve drainage, halotherapy allows for a reduction in contaminants that may trigger or prolong allergy episodes.


The inhalation of dry salt aerosol over a series of sessions can help clear mucus and decrease bronchial infection, plus eliminate bacteria and other micro-organisms that might cause asthma attacks.


Here are a few ways to incorporate salt therapy into your home:

Neti pot: Available at most pharmacies, neti pots are a quick and easy way to help clear your sinuses. Try a ceramic neti pot and a pre-mixed packet of sinus rinse before bed and in the morning.

Himalayan salt lamp: These lamps can serve as natural ionizers for the home — but make sure to get an authentic, high-quality one. There are many fakes on the market.

Salin Plus Air Purifier: This device relieves symptoms associated with a variety of respiratory conditions. 

Becca Edwards is a wellness professional, freelance writer and owner of b.e.WELL+b.e.CREATIVE (bewellbecreative.com).