Confidence boosters: Before & After

Confidence boosters

CONFIDENCE — that feeling of self-assurance that comes from within—helps us weather all that life brings. Confidence tells us we can cope with what's going on in our lives, and that we have a right to be happy.

A person’s level of self-confidence is revealed in behavior, body language, tone of voice and more. Feeling good about how we look is only one component of self-confidence, but studies shows that people who are satisfied with their personal appearance are more willing to take personal and professional risks.

Modern cosmetic procedures are one way to help us look better and gain confidence. Advances in cosmetic procedures mean creating our “best self” is more affordable and comfortable than ever. Down time after procedures is shorter now than decades ago, and more professionals are providing a wider variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures than ever.

 It’s easy to look in the mirror and think that we could never look like the models in the fashion magazines, but often even a small change can give us the boost in confidence we need to carry ourselves differently and let our inner beauty shine through.

Getting a facial or anti-wrinkle treatment helps keep your face looking young, and getting a teeth-whitening treatment or cosmetic veneers to hide a gap makes you more likely to smile. Laser treatments for varicose veins can give you the motivation to get out and enjoy our beautiful natural world in the Lowcountry without pain or embarrassment. These are examples of things that you can do to alleviate that one aspect of your appearance that you can’t stop fixating on. 

The Hilton Head Island and Bluffton area is home to many trained professionals who specialize in services that can help you make the transformation you’re looking for. These professionals work to bring you more health and happiness — the two most important things in life. Our local health and beauty industries offer the most innovative and up-to-date technologies out there. 

Ultimately, this is not a call to embrace every trend and standard set by celebrities, but rather a call to love yourself, and not be afraid to give yourself the best. 

The before-and-after beauty treatments presented on the following pages exemplify the types of physical changes that can give you a little extra spring in your step. Read on, because you deserve to learn about them.