Summer Essentials

Whether you’re hitting one of our Island’s award winning beaches, cruising our waterways or sitting pretty poolside, stock up on summer essentials made with all natural ingredients like peppermint oil with these simple DIY recipes.


kokosThe summer sun—it can be our best friend and our worst enemy. Sure, it lifts our mood, provides vitamin D and feels good to bask in, but it can also cause aging, red, damaged or burnt skin and, most importantly, skin cancer. Try this non toxic, easy sunscreen recipe:

1 glass jar
1 cup liquid coconut oil OR 4-6 oz chemical free, scent free hand and body lotion (ex: Burt’s Bees fragrance free shea butter and vitamin E
body lotion)
2 tablespoons zinc oxide
15 drops lavender essential oil

Mix all the ingredients together and store in a cool place.

All-Natural Bug Repellent

Bug RepellentWith summer comes some unwelcome guests like mosquitos. There are several bug repellent products on the market, but many contain harsh, toxic ingredients that in addition to raising environmental concerns can also cause skin irritation and respiratory problems. The ingredient DEET has even been linked to damaging brain cells. To naturally tell bugs to bug off, try this chemical-free repellent recipe:

1 6 oz glass spray bottle
1/2 cup witch hazel or vodka
1/4 cup water
10 drops citronella
5 drops cedarwood
5 drops lemon or wild orange
5 drops eucalyptus
5 drops melaleuca (tea tree oil)

Combine all the ingredients and shake before using.

Protective Lip Balm

1/2 ounce beeswax 
1/2 ounce coconut oil 
1/4 ounce shea butter 
1/4 ounce cocoa butter 
10 drops lavender essential oil
10 drops peppermint essential oil
10 three-ounce lip balm tubes 

Line up empty containers. (Note: If you are using a lip balm stick, make sure it has been twisted down.) Measure butters and oils and place in glass jar. Fill a large saucepan with one inch of water and bring to a boil. Once boiling, add glass jar to center of saucepan. Stir every few minutes until ingredients are melted and combined. Once wax is melted, remove from heat and let sit three minutes then add essential oils. Pour mixture into lip balm containers and let cool. 

Beat the Heat Smoothie

With its cooling effect, peppermint is an excellent essential oil for beating the heat. It can be applied topically to the neck and temples, diffused in a room and added to cold damp towels, but my absolute favorite way is my b.e.WELL mint chocolate smoothie. Try this yummy recipe:

1 cup no sugar added, non dairy milk
1 full dropper of chocolate flavored liquid stevia
1-2 drops dōTERRA (the only brand I recommend for internal use) peppermint essential oil
1 tablespoon liquid chlorophyll
1 teaspoon cocoa powder
1 scoop chocolate flavored pea protein
1 cup frozen organic raw spinach
1/4 cup frozen organic blueberries
1/4 avocado


Mix all ingredients in a blender and enjoy.

Becca Edwards is a wellness professional, freelance writer, and owner of b.e.WELL+b.e.CREATIVE (