Alternative medicine practitioner seeks to bring healing and balance to the Lowcountry

For people looking to bring their lives and bodies back into balance through natural means, crossing paths with local health and wellness advocate Amy Spadafora-Thompson is quite the boon.

Spadafora-Thompson's journey into the world of alternative remedies started in 1994, after she was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and depression. When modern medicine offered no solutions she found acceptable, Spadafora-Thompson began researching alternative medicine and nature based healing philosophies. She soon headed west, to the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado, where she spent a year serving as an apprentice and two years as school administrator, eventually graduating with diplomas in Iridology, Herbal medicine and Naturopathy.

After experiencing the healing benefits of these treatments in her own life, Spadafora-Thompson returned to Hilton Head Island, hoping to heal the island. She spent the next 15 years working at The Greenery but, in 2012, resigned her position to launch her own alternative health practice, where she currently offers personal health consultations from her home office.

Spadafora Thompson2“I've always practiced my herbs, made teas and helped other people — and now I've gone 100 percent into my practice,” Spadafora-Thompson said. “I empower people in their own healing by educating them about their unique inner ecology through Iridology, offer personal guidance in releasing emotional blockages, and utilize herbs and healing foods that support restoration and harmony within the body.  I love seeing people heal and invest in themselves, and to see the results of what happens when they invest time and resources into achieving healing and balance in their lives.”

Spadafora-Thompson's past experiences help her bring a touching empathy to her practice.

“I was diagnosed with colitis and depression, I've struggled with anorexia and bulimia, and I've been through recovery for drugs and alcohol,” she said. “Sometimes people tell me, ‘Oh, you won't understand,’ and I say, ‘Yes, I will.’ We all have a past, and some pasts are bumpier than others, but all the things I went through brought me to where I am now, and I'm able to help others discover their own healing path.”

Spadafora-Thompson also has a tea company, Harmonic Infusions, LLC, which offers a variety of tea blends that are tuned to support different areas of the body. Additionally, in keeping with her commitment to wellness and sustainability, Harmonic Infusions teas utilizes organic or wild crafted herbs that are certified fair trade and responsibly sourced, and all of the packaging is recyclable to leave a minimal footprint.

For people looking for an introduction to her healthful line, she recommends her “Harmony” tea blend.

“ ‘Harmony’ tea is very fruity and sweet, made with hibiscus and rose hips,” Spadafora-Thompson said. “It creates harmony throughout the body and is great iced, so it makes a great iced tea to sip throughout the summer.”

Harmonic Infusions teas are available on Spadafora-Thompson's website and locally at Delishee Yo, Pure Natural Cafe, Oasis Life Spa, Jiva Yoga, Health Smart and Johnson's Urban Farm. 

For more information on Spadafora-Thompson's consultation services or tea products, call 843-301-4372, email or visit Harmonic Infusions is also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.