Selecting Suds


By Hilton Head Monthly 

From lagers, to IPAs to pale ales, the variety of beers can be overwhelming. No fear. Here’s a handy guide to determine which suds are best for your taste.


Among the most popular beers for new drinkers, lagers are brewed with bottom-fermenting yeast. Lagers taste light and smooth and are not as bitter as some beers.

Brown Ale

Best known for its malty and slight hoppy flavor, brown ales have a dark color and are often chocolate and caramel flavored.

Pale Ale

A hoppy beer, pale ales can have a malty and bitter taste, with American ales tending to be more bitter than English pale ales. The history dates back to the 1700s.


There are many types of IPAs which are known for their hops and fruity flavor. A refreshing drink, IPAs vary in bitterness and citrus or fruit flavors.


Pilsner varieties include American, Belgian, Czech and German. Tastes range from sweet, bitter or light and smooth.

Wheat beer

Wheat beers use wheat as the main ingredient which leads to a light feel. Often paired with fruits such as oranges or limes.

Stout beer

Dark, stouts vary in flavor. Sweeter stouts low in bitterness are often from Ireland and England; American stouts have high malt flavors, with a coffee taste.


Porters are dark beers known for their dark malts. Generally similar to stouts, but porters are usually heartier and thicker.

Sour beer

Sour beers have a tart and acidic taste. Add fruits like cherry or raspberry. Pairs well with spicy foods.