TOP CHEFS: Ackeem Chambers

For Ackeem Chambers, the act of cooking is something he feels truly passionate about, even if he fell into it completely by accident. 

“It started with my grandma. She broke her arm at one point when I was 13 or 14 and I had to help her cook,” he said. “I grew a passion for it after that, began to love it so I made it a career.” 

In his native Jamaica, the young chef made a name for himself in fine dining restaurants across the island. That hands-on education now informs the flair he brings to the fresh, local seafood that defines the menu at Bluffton Family Seafood House, and it was key to his formative years as a chef. It was this pedigree in fine dining that earned him a spot at The Sea Pines Resort on the H-2B program, where he continued to advance in fine dining. 

At Bluffton Family Seafood House, he takes that fine dining approach to the mouth-watering local seafood favorites that have made the restaurant a Bluffton institution. 

“I brought everything I learned here, so I could use my experience to add to the presentation and the quality.” 

His early years of island life gave him an acute taste in seafood, while his later years gave him an appreciation for culinary techniques to elevate each dish. It’s an approach he brings to everything on the menu at Bluffton Family Seafood House. 


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