TOP CHEFS: Brad Blake

For Chef Brad Blake it’s all about “thirst for knowledge.” He started in the business as a teenager and quickly rose through the ranks with a hunger for the “adrenalin rush of being on the line,” along with this quest to explore and learn. 

“One of the beautiful things about this business is you get to explore and create things,” he said. “You get to be a scientist and an artist.” 

At 21, following school, it was a coin flip between Colorado and Hilton Head, and we all can thank our lucky taste buds Hilton Head won. He eventually landed at Marley’s and then Skullcreek Boathouse since 2012. Boathouse is equally well-known for its legendary sunsets and its super-fresh seafood and less-than-a-day old Hawaiian tuna. 

Yet despite being a high-volume restaurant, the quality of the product and innovation behind the cuisine is top shelf. One of the bonuses of this special location is, as Chef says, “We are blessed to have the natural resources right off our docks and in our waters.” 

Brad puts a lot of emphasis on the customer experience. He works with his team both in the kitchen and front of the house so they can explain and educate guests about where their food was caught and sourced — even down to the name of the boat! 

To him, “Education is an experience. Instead of just having a great meal, when guests learn something about it, they’re going to remember it.” 

Adding to that experience is being a part of the SERG family. 

“What’s so nice is you have a network of people, and you bounce ideas off one another,” he said. “We’re all here for the same purpose; to further ourselves and to please our guests.”