The College Man’s Cookbook – Help Is On The Way!

guacamoleIsland resident and soon-to-be college graduate George Hirsch Jr. has completed three years of creating, testing and photographing original recipes for “The College Man’s Cookbook.” The cookbook is broken down into ten chapters and in addition to original recipes for snacks, appetizers, soups, stews, chowders, sandwiches, wraps, tacos, dinner, and sides, it also offers recipes for salads, late night snacks, and of course desserts for the college man’s sweet tooth. 

“There are also recipes to impress the parents — a small gesture, considering they pay tuition.” Hirsch said. “The ‘hangover helper’ recipes pick you up after a late night of studying or partying … routines widely practiced by most college men. Cooking is the new golf with the added benefit of saving money, eating better quality ingredients than in most fast food places, bringing friends together and just plain old fun. The cook has the power to bring people together.”

The sandwich chapter includes recipes like Chicken Parm in The Oven, Gone Fishin’ Tacos, Touchdown Roast Pork Hoagies, and The Bad-Ass Godfather, an outrageous Italian sub named in honor of character Tony Soprano of The Sopranos. Tips on basics like how to shop for and store food, and how to avoid bad science experiments taking place in the communal fridge are helpful to students who are living on their own for the first time.

“We created the ‘The College Man’s Cookbook’ logo and Facebook page to be able to build a following so that we can easily send out pictures, videos, recipes and tips about cooking as a college man,” Hirsch said. “We want to use this as tool to create a demand for the cookbook and then be able to go to a publisher with a proof of concept, so that we can get it published in hard copy form and as an app, as well. ‘The College Woman’s Cookbook’ is almost completed. We’re also looking into a crowd-funding option. College men and women are in dire need of help in the kitchen.”